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Got an interesting question:


If I bought a late-model iPod Touch (say, one of the refurbished IT's in the Apple Refurb Store) and used this iPod as a camera, would I be able to do the following things with Instagram?


(1: Use the iPod Touch as a digital camera, then go to a WiFi hotspot, use the iOS Instagram app to upload photos to an Instagram account


(2: Take photos with another camera (I have a Canon Digital Rebel SLR), transfer a photo (or photos) to the iPod manually, and then upload the Rebel's transferred photos to Instagram via WiFi?


(3: Use the iPod Touch on-the-road (or transfer from another camera via a laptop) and connect to a cellular WiFi hotspot to upload photos to an Instagram account. [In places where there are (a: usable cellular service, and (b: someone offers a cellular WiFi hot-spot thingy available.]


(4: Use a late-model iPod Touch with GoPro's remote control app to interface with a GoPro Hero3 videocam.


I live in a mountainous area where cellular phone service is spotty at best, so I never seriously considered an iPhone. Too many "dead zones" where it doesn't matter how much your cell costs or what it can do, it just won't work. So using an iPhone seems impractical to me.


I have a first-generation iPod, and I'm wondering what a late-model iPod Touch could do to get me hooked up to Instagram and other similar photo-sharing social media services without wasting money on a smartphone that won't work in these hills.


What do you think?

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