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iTunesradio is not working properly on my Macbook Pro Retina.  It works fine on my iPhone 5.  On my mac some stations will work, while other won't.  Then sometimes the station that worked, suddenly will stop working.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)
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    Ditto here. Console log shows this error:


    9/19/13 2:29:33.057 PM iTunes[2146]: iTunes Radio download error 5107

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    Same error here. I just updated my iTunes today. It played one song on a radio station, then plays no more.

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    Some problem here. I press play, it appears to be loading and then it eventually stops loading.


    I used radio pretty extensively yesterday, playing about 100 songs over a few hours on the same stations I'm trying to play right now.

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    Had same problem here, but now it seems to have been resolved. iTunes Radio works great on the iPhone and iPad. But in iTunes it played one song and then stopped. But as of today it will play one song after another and let me pop in and out of different stations. Hoping the glitch is gone for good.

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    Yesterday it mor or less worked for me on my macbook pro but today it just doesn't want to work - it just keeps trying to load a song - it even quit out and when I restarted I had hopes that it would then work but it still won't load a song.

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    Just started using this today. Worked great for a while, then wouldn't play my just created station anymore. Like everyone else says, sects like it's loading, then quits. Closing and restarting app does nothing. I'm using an iPad 2. 11.0 makes me sad so far.

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    had no problem setting it up on my MacMini (10.8.5) yesterday evening -  created three "stations" with multiple artists and synched just fine to my iPhone 4S and iPad2 (have not checked Apple TV2).  Tried to set up my wife's account (MacBook Pro also on 10.8.5) but it would NOT allow for "builing" of a statio:  youcan selevt one artists but mot add to the,/.  Yet MY account still works fine and I could add additional artists/songs to my specfied "station" and my stations aslo showed up on my MacBook Air with iTunes update as well.


    So SOMETHING is wacky

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    I was experiencing this recently and I finally tracked it down to an entry in my spam/ad-blocking /etc/hosts file. I had pointed iadsdk.apple.com to in order to block ads. itunes definitely uses that domain for something important and when it can't talk to it, starts giving up. so, make sure you can ping iadsdk.apple.com correctly...

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    I have this problem on my pc at work, my mac at home, and my iPhone 4S. A channel might play on one device, and do nothing on another. Sometimes a channel might play 1-5 songs then stop. Some channels never have this issue, and some almost never play. It is getting agravating. I did not have this problem with the internet radio service I used to use. Just a suggestion: perhaps  Apple should invest more of its money in providing top notch online services rather than paying dividends to corporate raiders? One would think they could use all that cash to hire away some of the talent that is obviously out there producing superior services.

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    I tracked this down, at least for me, because my laptop has a special /etc/hosts file that blocks ad-tracking and shock sites. this was interfering with itunes radio's operation to check in with iad I believe and it would stop working after a couple songs because of it. when I found and unblocked iadsdk.apple.com from the list, everything started working correctly again.