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    dmdicarlo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just wanted to share my experience with this issue so that it might help a select few with this annoying issue.


    I don't claim to be an expert on this stuff but I have decent experience with computer troubleshooting throughout my life.

    I recently bought macbook air 13" Mid 2013 model with the same connectivity issues. I would lose internet connection although the wifi connection to the router would be intact. I would have to turn off wifi and then turn back on and internet would work again. This was happening almost every 15 minutes.


    I tried to install the software "fix" on the apple website that was supposed to correct the wifi issue. No dice.


    Current software version is: OS X 10.8.5 (12F37). Next, I was setting the IP manually hoping that it would resolve some type of problem with renewing the DHCP with my router. That did not solve any problems.


    Then I went into the router settings and restored all factory settings via access through the gateway IP address of the router on my browser and tried to designate a reserved IP for my MAC address. Still was giving me same disconnects.


    Finally I hard reset my router (which I assume was the same of what I did earlier) via holding the reset button on the router after powering off the router and turning back on. Shut down my computer before doing this and booted after router was reset.


    Now my current network settings are set to set IP manually with my router IP as : And my local IP as: After that I have no had any disconnects for almost a week.


    It seems like it had something to do with the hard reset on my router and less to do with the manual IP settings but something I did there did the trick. My router is being leased by Time Warner it is a SBG 6580. I havent tried connections with any other wifi routers. I will be interested to see if I am going to get the same issues with other routers.


    I realize this won't help most people but it seems like it is definitely sometype of software issue with network drivers causing these disconnect issues since I was able to resolve my problems without any hardware alterations. Pinging my LAN around 2 ms. Speedtest.net I ping at 16 ms with full mbps upload and download speed I am supplied by my cable company. No disconnects is obviously the biggest resolution however.


    Good luck all.

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    As proposed by orchetect, I built myself a package, consisting of the 10.8.5 IO80211Family.kext, but inside there replaced the AirPortBrcm4360.kext with the 10.8.4 pre-SU1.0 update's version, so only that package is "old", and it seems to work like a charm as well.


    That being said, Bluetooth still causes interferences.

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    I tried this "mixed" solution, replacing only that one part of the package, and it makes my situation much better (at least it appears to work better than just rollbacking to the entire .22 driver package), but my network still disconnects.


    I'm now pinging constantly, and most of the time I get 1-3 ms ping times, but every now and then I get either timeouts, and on a couple occasions "host is down"- or "network is down" -messages. The timeouts appear a couple of minutes apart. On average things almost work, but still not well enough. The longest dropouts appear to last around 5 seconds, enough to break my screen sharing sessions and annoy the **** out of me.


    I'll let it ping all night to get some statistics, and try the same during a period when I'm actively using the network.


    I will most likely return this machine and get a new one and hope for some improvement. I've also had it refusing to wake up at all after opening the lid. This has happened a couple of times, and the power button seems to be the only solution. Don't know if is related.


    I also haven't managed to connect to the network at the office (WPA Enterrpise). Don't know whether that's related either.





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    Gents - I bought the new Macbook Air 11.6 last month (mid-August 2013) in the states through Amazon, replacing my reliable Macbook Pro as it was too heavy to carry around all day.  What a mistake.  My MBA IS A PILE OF JUNK! Cheaply constructed and I have the same problems - WIFI dropout - severe.  I live in shared housing in Brazil and I a few flatmates share one router that has never given anyone any problems nor me with my old Macbook Pro.  The Dropout of signal happens EVERY 2-3 minutes.  Yes, EVERY 2--3 MINUTES I have to put the MBA into sleep mode, reboot and get another signal which lasts another 2-3 MINUTES. 


    Please imagine this...I pray that any download I do is over in 2-3 minutes, if it isn't, I have to repeat the procedure again.  Any video that I watch on youtube has to be over in 2-3 minutes, if I read an article online, immediately after reading, I have to reboot the computer.  After reading and responding to each email, I have to reboot, and a facebook chat?  Forget it. 


    I feel like suing apple if I only knew how!  Really!!  I feel I've been totally robbed!!!  What are they doing to sort this out???!


    By the way - I couldn't post this - by the time I finished writing - guess what????....Yeah you guessed, just came back from rebooting!

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    i appreciate heroic diligent efforts to troubleshoot.  look to the leff,  i've been contributing to forums awhile.new reports of WiFi issue are posted daily. Apple reads this forum for sure, and knows a significant defect is not resolved. New MBAs coming off the assembly line without a fix.   I've been waiting since last november to upgrade a 2008 MBA and I still can't reliably do that.  I appreciate efforts everyone has made, developing the driver rollback technique, but it's not a permanent fix. Respectfully, this is starting to sound like a glitchy Windows forum. It's a bitter disappointment to see people queuing up for a gold color iphone that has fingerprint recognition, while this thread heads north of 200,000 views. Sorry, I just had to put that out there.  Bitterly disappointing - it's going on a year for me of waiting out glitches, and still can't buy a new product that I can be confident will work.  I'm a 25 year customer and just can't believe what I'm (still) reading.


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    satpak Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I hear ya! I bought two MacBook airs within last two months and returned both. This issue has been left unaddressed forever and it's embarrassing to have spent some much money and time on an unreliable machine.

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    I have managed to fix my problem locally. I ditched my old 802.11g -router and started using my 802.11n one instead (had it all the time, just with the WiFi disabled), and the problem is simply gone. This, of course, is only at home; "out there" I will still be at the mercy of whatever router/network configurations are around. And since I've changed nothing in my MBA, I will probably still not be able to connect at the office, which is another problem I have (WPA Enterprise as well as WEP). My home network is WPA Personal. My software configuration is a 10.8.5 clean install with that one component in the driver replaced, as described earlier.


    So what works now and didn't earlier is that there are no network dropouts. Ping times are consistently mostly in the 1-3 ms range, individual ping timeouts occur occasionally (one every five minutes or so currently), but are totally harmless. I regularly used to have, say, 10-30 consecutive ping timeouts a couple of minutes apart while the network was dropped.


    I don't know whether this is any indication as to whether this is a hardware or a software fault, but I will still try to get the machine replaced and hope for the better.


    For the first time ever, Time Machine has been making backups every hour. Before, it consistently failed.





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    Oh, I forgot. Earlier in this thread (or another) somebody suggested that only i7-MBA's may be affected. Mine is an i7/8GB version.





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    Mine is i5 and it's affected.


    ALL MBAs 2013 are affected on some modem/routers especially on WPA, that's why I think is software..S H I T software from apple engineers.


    It's not a problem of old modems..My modem is not old, is a 802.11n certified.

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    johnssonkim Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    I'm also starting to lean towards it being a software problem, as it appears to work flawlessly under certain circumstances. On the other hand, there's a lot I haven't tested yet (transfer speeds and AirPlay come to mind). I've never really dealt with network problems like this; how normal is it that the occasional individual ping times out in a private home network?


    On another note, how is the Shared -collection in the Finder window supposed to work? My network shares appear and disappear. I haven't been following this behaviour that actively, but if the share list contains too few items, I "activate" the network by opening the Devices / Network item, and then most of the shares show up. If I've closed the lid, when I open it again, the share list is first empty, and after a couple of seconds some shares show up, but not all. Those that do, are actual computers (2 PC's and a Mac Mini). Those that don't are network drives, and some of them may or may not appear spontaneously after a while. Not a big deal, really, just curious.





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    I'm one of the luck ones. I have the 13" Macbook Air and have just come back from a trip to Nova Scotia. I was waiting to see how things went on the trip with connetion issues to the wifi and am happy to report that I was able to connect in both airports I was in along with 4 differant hotels along the way. I have installed both updates when they were issued with no problems at this time. I was happy with how light the Macbook Air was to carry around in my backpack compared to my friends Macbook Pro which was noticeably heavier.

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    i have a belkin router and let me tell you what a frustrating experience i just went through for 7 hours today.


    i came back home today and started browsing on my mba and after a couple minutes of browsing, the internet ceased to stop. whenever i would try to connect to my router, it was show up as connection timed out. i tried to hard-reset the router, change the channel to something other than auto, reset pram and smc, boot in safe mode, delete saved wireless networks, delete wifi-related stuff from keychain, etc. and they all didn't work. strangely enough, even though i had erased all previous network settings and hard-reset my router, whenever i would click on my SECURED network to connect to it, it wouldn't even ask for the password as it just directly displayed a connection timed out message. then while i was expressing my overflowing frustration by just continuously manually clicking my network on the available networks list (only to be forever welcomed by recurring connection-timed-out messages), suddenly it started working for no reason.


    then after around an hour, it stopped working again. this time i tried to just format and reinstall osx but low and behold, you need a friggin internet connection to even reinstall osx.


    and then after going through around 4 hours of the same stuff from before it stopped working again, now it works again. now i have no idea why this is happening but this is seriously freaking me out because if this happens during an important time when i absolutely need internet connection, oh man i am really screwed.


    which finally brings me to my question: i have 2 days till i can return this mba. what should i do???

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    If it was me, I'd swap it for another.


    If that didn't work, I'd swap one more time.


    If that didn't work, then you will have made it to Mavericks (probably) - that might help......


    If that doesn't work, then you might be wise to cash it in as a LOAD of RUBBISH.


    At that stage (late October 2013), if it's still useless, only you can decide if you want to buy a different MAC (e.g. a Pro when that comes out - but maybe that will have the same problem....?) or perhaps manage as you are for a while e.g. until Xmas) or, if you must, go Winwards.....


    Good luck.


    BTW, if it helps, mine continues to purr sweetly at an astonishing pace and with unbelievable battery longevity. As several have posted, there are "good ones" out there to be bought.


    And when it's working, it is most certainly the most practical mobile workhorse available at the present.  As such, it is therefore cost-effective if you have the cash in the firstplace.


































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    johnssonkim Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi all!


    Apple will be sending me a new MBA as replacement. Getting this done was a really smooth & no-hassle experience. Estimated delivery on october 3'rd, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


    It's nice to hear there are working ones out there. Gives me hope.





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    andQlimax Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't think there are working MBA and not working MBA.

    It all depends from the routers in my opinion.


    Let's see..


    If really it's an hardware problem then they have to replace MBA to everyone since it's a fault covered by the 2 years warranty (or 1 year depending from the country).