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hi everyone.

i've been having a problem for quite some time now and i've looked around on the net but haven't found any answers.

there are photos i have deleted from iphoto that appear on itunes when i want to sync my iphone. and as i sync all the photos, i have these deleted ones appear on my iphone photo library. at first there were a couple, but their number is basically growing. as they have no event names, just a date, i think they all come from the photo flux. in order to solve this i have tried several things: i have completely deleted and reinstalled both itunes and iphoto. I have taken out all the photos from iphoto, then reinstalled it and reimported the photos. i have reconstructed its library. i have deleted the whole of photo flux. none of these worked. the only time something did happen, was when i turned to the "all my files" finder view and managed to grab two of them, deleted them and they haven't reappeared since. so i thought that the other ones had to be there somewhere. however they are impossible to find. i've tried viewing hidden files, extract files from the iphoto library but they just don't exist anywhere. i also recently had to reinstall the whole thing and i kind of hoped they'd be sucked up by some reinstallation black hole. but nope, they didn't. what is also funny is that this didn't just happen once. for exemple, i took some photos with my iphone in july to show something to someone. the very same day i deleted them from my iphone, my mac and the photo flux. some days ago they reappeared on my iphone!

has anyone had this already? has anybody got an idea about how to get rid of them?

iPhoto '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)