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My iMac running Snow Leopard died. Electricuted in one of those Florida lightening storms. I will miss you.


My back up machine is a fine old MBA also running Snow Leopard.


I want to replace the Safari 5.1.7 bookmarks from the iMac onto my MBA.


I had several backups of the iMac just prior to the rath of Zeus including TM, CCC and Mozy. So I have the file(s) that have the iMac Safari bookmarks. But where are they and what do I need to copy over to the MBA. I suspect the CCC disk is the easiest place to look. Not sure what will happen if I connect this MBA to Mozy or TM. I am looking on the used market for a replacement 27 iMac that is running Snow. 


iMac was nearly full 500GB hard drive

MBA is very nearly full 80GB hard drive.

iMac DOA :(