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I recently downloaded and used two recommended apps, Onovoa Count and Onovo Extend, to see how much MB each app was using and if any apps were using data that I wasn't aware of. 

   After tracking for two days, the app, Malaysia Car Plate,  showed extremely high usage considering: that (a) I had never heard of this app (b) I never used any app with even a similar name to it .... or supposed function (c) I was aware of the other apps that were listed as used and the amounts I was using them.


      I searched for the app on my phone....no results.  On the web, the first hit I got also contained the words " Bluetooth hacking software" .   I really don't know more than that.

        How can I remove this. Is this, indeed, what is going on?


        Any input would be helpful.... Thank you.

iPhone 4