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Is there anything like a DMG that can expand?


DMGs do what I need, which is password protect their contents.  The problem is they don't expand as their contents expand.  You have to create a new DMG, move everything from the old to the new and delete the old DMG.  Or just create a really big DMG, which I don't want to do.


Basically, I need to password protect a folder and all its contents, which include sub folders and files.  Is there anything that can password protect a folder?

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    Choose  sparse bundle disk image from the available formats


    see 'Create a blank disk image for storage' at  Disk Utility 12.x: Create a disk image

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    Thanks.  That's an improvement but you still run into an upper limit at some point.


    Let's say I have a 100GB DMG.  It's grows at a rate of about 1GB to 10GB/mo.  If I don't want to ever worry about resizing it, I guess I can just choose a max size of 500GB?  The actual growth sizes might look like:







    and so on as it grows right?  Meaning, it might take 25 years or more to ever reach the max size but the actual size on disk is the content size?


    If that is true, then the sparse bundle should work fine since the max size has no effect on anything physically.

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    Sure, you can avoid resizing by starting large - an empty 500GB sparsebundle takes up 500MB here.