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I installed iOS 7 beta 1 and after finding it too buggy reinstalled iOS 6.1.4. After restoring my phone from the iOS 7 backup it is now showing that the iOS 7 backup is using up 2.7gb and therefore wont let me backup my phone on 6.1.4 now. This is frustrating, when I reinstalled iOS 6 it prompted me as to what backup I would like to restore from and the iOS 7 backup showed in grey said it required iOS 7 to work. I therefore just used a previous backup of iOS 6. I have logged into my iCloud account on both Mac and iPhone and it will not show this iOS 7 back up anywhere despite it using the space up.


Is there a way of deactivating iCloud completely and starting again. I don't want tohave ot create a new account. There must a solution somewhere.


Thanks in a