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I recently tried updating my iphone 4s to ios7 from 6.1.3 via computer using itunes 11 or whatver the newest version is, during the middle of the install i got error 3194 typical error that never has a soultion in the few years ive been dealing with iphones. Now the iphone is stuck in recovery mode or "connect to itunes" screen, before anyone autpmaticaly reads this and starts posting replys about this **** here http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1808 i have been here, its a total waste of time with no valueable information to anyone. step 5 does not work in my case and people need to stop posting that because it never works. now for those who have any idea how to pull this phone out of this state that would be great if you shared because the nearest apple store to me is 300 miles away and im definitely not riving that. Ifaith, Ireb, and tinyumbrella confirmed to not work, tinyumbrella pulls it out of recovery for a split seond before it goes right back into it with a different recovery number.
Ive encountered this issue before when jailbreaking previous devicces and having to restore them or something but this device in particular has never been jailbroken. Im not interested in saving any information at all on the phone but i need a soultion to this that isnt a redirect to the page mentioned above so that i can have contact with my employer. thanks for the help in advance my apologies if i offended anyone. just a very disgruntal employee at this time who needs his phone back asap for work.

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