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I have a white Macbook - 2 GHz Intel Core Duo.  4 GB of ram. It has some miles on it but all in all it works fine.  I did have the hard drive die recently and I am on a temp hard drive running via USB -- like a Jarvik 7.   I am on 10.8.4. 


Here is the issue.  At my work I can run on either WiFi or Ethernet.  Ethernet is faaster and more preferable.  I can connect via WiFi just fine but not to Ethernet.  It is like there is no interet connection coursing through the cable.  However, if a co-worker plugs in to the ethernet/interet on my cable and THEN I plug in AFTER -- I can get internet via Ethernet.  BUT, If I unplug the ethernet cable - even for just a second -- then plug back in -- I get no interet.  When I enter Network DIagnostics it is all red circles - no internet connection to even try to remedy.  If the co-worker plugs back in again on my cable - I can once again get internet via the ethernet port.  Very.  Very.  Wierd.


I have searched on the web for an answer but have not seen anything closely resembling this.  It is so crazy.  I cannot keep asking co-workers to pug in before me.


BTW - not sure if it matters -- but the co-workers have macbooks as well.  But newer and nicer.  Office IT is of no help.







MacBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Any reason the IT dept are no help?


    1. Have you tried Ethernet anywhere else besides work, if so does it work there?

    2. Check the Ethernet socket on the Macbook for broken bent pins.

    3. What speeds does the Ethernet at the office  work at 10, 100 or 1000mbps? The 1000mbps is much more demanding of the hardware/cable, if there are problems it usually drops to 100mbs but not always and the connection fails.

    4. Is the Ethernet port showing disconnected in System Preferences/Network?

    5. If it showing connected is it not getting the correct IP address for you office?

    6. Does your office run any security software on the network that stops unknowm MAC addresses.


    I have seen cases where for what ever reason the ports on the host and client will not match and connect, I know they should but if all else fails try putting a small 4 port switch between your Macbook and the office Ethernet socket. Only point in doing this if the Ethernet port works elsewhere.

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    Plug in the ethernet cable and go to System Preferences / Network. Then select Ethernet in the left hand column.


    What happens?