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hey guys,

my name is yoav (Joab), im from israel, and i encountered with some problems in ios7, mainlly with the apple's music app and the panorama in the apple's camera.

i've got a iphone 4S device, and when i open my music app, the songs just "run up" like in a conveyor belt, without stopping at all!

additionally, when a swipe to the panorama view in my camera, and then change the direction of the panorma and trying to shot, the device just reboot (the icon of apple appears like when u shutdown the device and restarting it)!

finally, sometimes there's some apps that just get open and quickly closed without me closing them..


if anybody knows the resons for any of those things to happen, tell me here please.

i called me carier's support but they just said they don't know, and of course i'm not from the states so i cant get support services from apple.


thank you all very much,


yoav (or joab if u prefer).

iPhone 4S, iOS 7, problems with music&panorama in 4S