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I have some old videos made with FCP 6 that have just been picked up by (hopefully) a company with a huge following.  They were made by my partner who learned by the seat of her pants in editing 5 years ago, and the result is pretty good except for the fact that the videos look a bit fuzzy and the livetype stuff is pixelated.  This was not a concern of ours since the videos were for nerd festivals and well, we didn't know how to fix, so didn't bother.


I would like to recapture or re-edit these videos so they're the sharpest they can possibly be for this new launch, but I am having some trouble.


1) The actual livetype movies themselves are perfect.  However, on the timeline in FCP they look crappy. 


2) Some of the footage looks fuzzy on the timeline, as though it's been through the wringer a dozen times.  In editing terms, I guess it has been.  The original footage does not look fuzzy.


3) When I searched online for hints about how to recapture the footage that I've got that isn't fuzzy - it's all on dv tapes (used a now ancient Panasonic dvx100B) - I read that I should take the footage and archive it offline using Media Manager - and then get it back online by recapturing using the camera and the tape.  When I select the project that I want to recapture and hit Media Manager, nothing happens.  I duplicated the project, using a different name altogether, and still could not get Media Manager to archive the thing.


4) What are my options at this point? 


Any help greatly, greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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    Well, what are the original sequence settings? And is all the footage captured as DV/NTSC? If the sequence is DV/NTSC, and the footage is DV/NTSC...then that's as good as it gets. Monitoring properly would be wise...don't go by what you see in the FCP windows...they aren't accurate.  Since this is DV, you can hook up your DV camera or deck to the computer via firewire, choose the DV/NTSC EASY SETUP, and connect the camera/deck to an SD TV and view it that way.  SD viewed on an HDTV...will not look good.


    If you need this all upconverted to HD and delivered as HD...you might need to hire someone who does that. It's not all that easy.

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    Whoa, Shane Ross, the big dog.  Thanks for your response.  I've found your Shane's stock answers to be really helpful in the past!  Both the sequence and the footage are DV/NTSC.  So it's just the matter with my monitor.... which is great news for me.


    I will hook up ye olde dv camera and will view it all before sending it on.


    I wasn't thinking it was possible to get the thing converted to HD - and the company didn't mention HD.  But I'm curious what a conversion might run.  13 mins total with a lot of transitions (video for children).  You'd probably need many more details but anyhoo, thanks very much for responding.  You saved me a lot of time!



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    If they take DV, cool.


    yeah, get that camera and SD TV hooked up and see what it looks like.