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    Ernie Stamper Level 8 Level 8 (37,475 points)

    Long before 4.09, and in fact before 4.07, I tested shooting with a D600, and importing the NEF files into Aperture.  It worked without issue, and no message about unsuported.


    Furthermore, I just now returned to those NEF files in the project where they reside, asked for a New Version from Original, and again no problem whatsoever in providing that new version.  This in Aperture 3.4.5, and 10.8.5.


    As Frank says, you have other issues.



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    Technologist Clark Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



         I don't see Frank's statement about other issues.  Your reply does not show in the thread just in my E-mail and through a direct link from there.  Don't know why.


         Here is my exact process:


         Used Nikon Transfer to download NEF+JPEG Fine photos from my D600.


         Opened Aperture 3.4.5 with Camera Raw 4.08 and went to import window.  Selected folder with new files.


         Selected a subset of files (both JPEG and NEF).  Requested both JPEG and NEF files be imported as separate orginals.


         Looked at files after import.  All the .NEF files showed up with the "Unsupported Image Format" message.  Upgraded to Camera 4.09.  Still seeing "Unsupported" message for the NEF files (I can see the metadata for these files in Aperture so Aperture "knows" the files are "RAW" and were taken on a "D600").


         I realize that there is something different between my "set up" and yours and probably my process but "you have other issues" is just an easy way to say this.  Perhaps, my camera firmware is out of date and is generating NEF files that don't convert (but this seems unlikely - see following comment).  Perhaps I can't put NEF files in as NEF files but must request conversion.  I don't know and was asking for help.  I can see that Aperture does display the NEF thumbnails as well as the JPEG thumbnails in the import window so at some level it understands the NEF files I loaded from the camera.  The question is why do they show up as "Unsupported" after import.


         I have been a "real time" programmer for over 40 years.  I know that initial state and all kinds of settings may affect what happens.  However, "you have other issues" is less than helpful.



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    Technologist Clark Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



         I see that my problem with the thread was the assumption that most recent posts were displayed at the top.  Also, Frank's post didn't come in my E-mail but yours did.


         I added more context.  Maybe someone will see what I did "wrong" in my process that differs from what you have done.  Photos show up (but don't display) with the metadata that indicates my camera and the file type are supported for the versions that I can see I am running (using the "About" dropdowns for OS and Aperture).  The mystery is why Aperture "knows" that I have "RAW" and "D600" (listed as supported for Aperture 3.4.5) but won't display the data.


         Thanks for the prompt response.



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    Ernie Stamper Level 8 Level 8 (37,475 points)

    What is not clear to me is whether since updating to 4.09 you have newly imported more files into your Process.


    For any that you imported while using 4.08, or possibly earliers, I would suggest choosing those that say they are unsupported, and then click on Photos/Reprocess Originals.


    DCR 4.08 created a problem with NEFs imported via NX2 (but with any directly imported from the card into Aperture).  DCR 4.09 corrected the issue for new imports, but I can see, but cannot confirm, that for those imported while using 4.08, the originals may need to be Reprocessed.


    Keep us posted.



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    torreypines Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Greetings, perhaps someone should start another thread regarding the Nikon software View NX2?

    There was a major View NX 2.8.0 software update which occured in late August. Folks that are still using the Nikon transfer module inside the older version of View NX2 are apparently having problems opening their NEF files in Aperture 3.4.5, even with the latest Aperture RAW update 4.09 and the latest OSX update 10.8.5 installed on their mac platforms.
    There are two easy solutions here: Update your Nikon View NX2 software or do not use the View NX2 software to import files to your mac?





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    Technologist Clark Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



              I think my problem may be "Nikon Capture."  I'll try upgrading.  Unlike you, I transferred first to a folder then to Aperture from the folder.  I do this in case I want to use other editting tools directly on the photos.


              Anyway, I did try to reprocess the photos as suggested and got a message saying no photos required reprocessing.  I also imported some after updating to Camera 4.09 and that didn't help either.


              I don't know how Aperture deals with photos in the main editor but it is surprising that it can render the thumbnails correctly in the import window but not in the editting window.  My assumption has always been that Aperture converts a photo to a format in memory suitable for editting then applies changes to that (storing the exact changes requested "along side" the photo).  The memory format is probably not suitable for rendering on the display so it also must convert the memory format to whatever the display needs to display the photo.


              I assume thumbnails work the same way.  They are converted to a memory format then to the display format from that.


              Since Aperture can render the thumbnails of my NEF files, it should be able to convert them in the editting window as well.  Based on comments in N-Photo, I wonder if the issue has to do with extraneous metadata placed in the files by the D600 and then "mucked up" by Nikon Transfer.


              Things are always more complicated than you might expect.



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    Ernie Stamper Level 8 Level 8 (37,475 points)

    Yes, I think the continued issue for you probably lies with the version of the Nikon Capture, so do try updating that.


    Inasfar as the thumbnail, I suspect the one that gets imported with the original file (whether directly or via NX software) never gets replaced in Aperture as would be normal because it cannot render from the Original.



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