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How do I hide old podcasts in iTunes 11.1 and What's Up with the New Podcast Pane?

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  • Kiminy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    LarryG: Did you do anything specific? I still have lots of "puffy clouds" (thanks, actualsize!) in my List view.


    The My Podcasts view does hide the puffy clouds, but then I can't see all of my available podcasts in the same window. The Unplayed view is a little better, but there is no way to change the sort order, so you can't group the podcasts by source.

  • Darik Datta Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Really? Because I just tried that and cannot get podcasts, nor any playlists that contain podcasts, to appear in the Music app.


    Lies? Or are you not using iOS7 yet?

  • LarryG18 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I did nothing today, other than refresh the podcasts.

    Yesterday, I change the podcast setting (in the My Podcasts view) to "Keep Most Recent") but nothing happened then.

    The podcasts that did not have new content STILL have the old ones there.

  • LarryG18 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    On my windows laptop - sorry got into the wrong group when I searched and posted yesterday, Hope that the Macs will be fixed soon!

    Nice to know that they treat ALL platforms with an equal amount of incompetence!

  • outerspaceguy Calculating status...

    Yeah, no kidding.  Seeing old podcast eps that I have already heard (and chosen not to save) is really quite dumb.  Putting the new ones waaaay down at the bottom of the list is even sillier.

  • YouCanDoBetter Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It is so sad. Back in ios5 days, we could download podcasts directly from the itunes store on the phone or using itunes on an associated computer. We could create playlists that mix podcasts with other kinds of media. And we didn't have to look at a long list of "ghost" old episodes from the "cloud".


    Apple, don't you collect any data on how people are using your software? Don't you have focus groups of users? We complained when ios6 came out (and we refused to use your super-lame Podcast application then). The ios7 version is better, but still a mess. Why are podcasts separated out?


    As others have said, this will be a boon for third-party apps that manage podcasts better. Maybe also a boon for Android?

  • KrozNestPA Calculating status...

    I have read a good many of the posts in this thread and agree with the unhappiness about the way that Podcasts are handled in iTunes 11.  For years now, I have invested a lot of time in sorting through the programs offered in the podcasts I subscribe to, deleting those which were not of interest and keeping those which were. Now, since updating to iTunes 11, the list view is completely unusable.  It seems that every episode in the channels I subscribe to is shown.  I have the choice to download them or leave them in the cloud but, unlike in the past, I cannot delete or hide those programs which are of no interest. 


    I am very unhappy with this latest update and agree with all of the other users who have remarked that the podcast portion of iTunes -- which was not broken and did not need fixing -- is now broken to the point of being unusable.  I haven't even tried to sync my podcasts to my iPod and am not sure I would even want to try.


    I hope that Apple will take these complaints seriously and either revert to the old way of handling podcasts or at least allow users to delete or hide those episodes which are not of interest -- and to make it clear how to sync podcasts to mobile devices so as to limit the syncing of only those episodes which are of interest.

  • fox27 Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)

    Hi Kelley, to retrieve your lost podcasts using Time Capsule.


    Open the folder as follows: Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Podcasts. With the Podcasts folder now open, then enter Time Machine, and then scroll back in time to the date before you upgraded to iTunes 11. Provided you haven't totally rebuilt your Time Machine backup since upgrading to iTunes 11, hopefully your old podcasts can be restored. Once restored, I advise you to move (or copy) the restored podcasts out of the Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Podcasts folder for safe keeping, because until Apple officially fixes the problem, I wouldn't trust iTunes 11 not tampering with the restored files...! Cheers, Fox.

  • fox27 Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)

    Maybe I'm being overly dramatic, but I really think this a significant issue. In the worse case scenario, it could mean significant loss to some people:


    1) what if your valuable podcasts are no longer available for download?

    2) what else might be lost from your hard drive, is the problem soley related to podcast files?

    3) have I lost any valuable audio files as well - I didn't do a song count just before I upgraded...

    4) what happens if you lost some irreplaceable photos if you were say, upgrading iPhoto?


    The upgrade shouldn't tamper or delete any of your files, plain and simple! Fox

  • KelleyRV Calculating status...

    Thanks, Fox!  I was not opening the folders before I went into Time Machine.  That was the problem.  I saved the deleted podcasts to my Desktop and was able to successfully import them back to iTunes.  Now whether they will stay there, I don't know - but they are on my Desktop should I need to do that again.


    I also subscribed some of my podcasts to CastRoller.  This program says you can import to iTunes, but I haven't tried that yet.


    And I don't think you are being overly dramatic at all.  One of my podcasts for Life Today is ALL messed up.  I basically listen to the Beth Moore episodes, and now they are all messed up.  What a total mess they have made of this.


    They have taken control away from us - much like our government is trying to do. ;-)

  • Lost in Asia Level 2 Level 2 (330 points)

    fox27, I don't think you're being overly dramatic at all. If you think about it, it's extraordinarily worrying that this update wiped out - and continues to wipe out! - many people's files. Wiping out podcasts is awful enough if, for example, you spent a hundred dollars to subscribe to a language podcast, and now you're no longer a subscriber yet still maintained an archive of the files that you bought. And as you ask - what else has been erased?


    The fact that Apple is responsible for wiping out significant archives on many people's hard drives, without even putting those files in the trash, is very troubling indeed.

  • nikosoluost Calculating status...

    Ach!  I've been so frustrated, as all of you have, that I simply cannot highlight the old, listened to, or not downloaded podcasts, right click, and find a DELETE choice on the menu!  How simple would that be?  And then not have ALL of them appear again the next time I refresh?


    "My Podcasts" choice at the top doesn't give a list option. . . each source is listed separately.  Arrrrgh!


    This is still so unworkable, unfriendly, unintuitive, unkind and unthoughtful.


    Who said they are coming out with a fix?  Will the fix make it worse?  Stay iTuned!  Or not.

  • iamlee Calculating status...

    Here's how to do it. It's easy. In the podcast pane, click on My Podcasts. They can be deleted from that pane or the Unplayed pane. They cannot be deleted from the List pane, at least not now. Apple needs to fix that pane.

  • nikosoluost Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, I've got that. . . the trouble is that the My Podcasts pane shows them as a file for each different podcast group.  It is much more difficult (sorry, I can't resist:  it's a pain to use that pane) to create playlists and organize the podcasts from that pane because of that. 

  • iamlee Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Update on my earlier post about deleting podcasts from the My Pocast pane. It does delete them from that pane but I discovered that it still shows them in the List pane although it will then show them as not yet downloaded. It's a mess. A fix is definitely needed.

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