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Hoping someone can help me... I run a Shopify ecommerce store and am getting inundated with Safari customers complaining about their shopping carts being emptied before they have completed their shopping.  Shopify have washed their hands of the problem, claiming that it is the cookie settings in Safari.  This has never happened before (I have Safari 5 on my Mac and it works perfectly fine). Shopify has told me I need to tell all my customers to change their cookie settings which is mission impossible - most of them wouldn't even know what cookies are let alone be willing to start playing around with their settings.  And what about all the customers I'm losing who aren't complaining to me?  Those who are just getting peeved off with my webstore not working and shopping elsewhere? Please tell me this is a bug that Safari are working on?  I'm pretty lost as to what I can do to fix the problem?