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Hi everyone


I just received back my iPhone 5 from the Apple Service Centre in Holland. So far so good. 


The letter contained in the box states that some parts have been replaced. A list follows which is supposed to detail what parts but there is not even one entry in said list.


How do I know my phone got repaired and not just looked at and sent back? Can anyone help me? I called Apple Support but the lady on the phone was not sure what repairs had been made.


Please help

iPhone 5, iOS 7
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    I think you will find it will have been exchanged rather than repaired.   Check the serial number.   If that is the case, it is often the way they do things nowadays; though the replacements are always tested and meet 'New' standards and carry the full guarantee from the point in time you receive it.  I stand to be corrected on this so I am repeating what i recall from reading other questions.

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    Sadly, it's still my original iPhone 5. No replacement (I recognise the dents on the bezel)! I wish I could know because everything has been pretty normal so far in terms of recharging the battery. The phone still gets pretty hot on the back.


    I wish there was a way I could know if the battery is new. I just hope my battery won't still die after 5/6 hours! Fingers crossed