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Hey guys,


First of all Thank you for the help...


So basically what I did is spill water on my mac and it shut down automatically, then I quickly opened the back (macpro mid 2010 unibody) to remove the battery but by the time i got in there was a little puff of smoke that same out just like that so I unplugged the battery and let it dry for about 2 days.


Since I have no more apple care and the back was already open I decided (maybe not my brightess idea) to check out the logic board, found a lot of sites with how to take it apart and it was very easy I checked it out and it doesnt look damaged or anything I cleaned it with a toothbrush and basically it looks very well nothing sticky nothing dirty etc. Then I replugged everything in, closed it up and when I pressed on the battery indicator light no the side of the mac nothing happened, then I tried turning it on nothing, then I tried plugging it in and the little green/red light turned on for a couple of seconds and then just dimmed out and then nothing when I plug it in nothing and I still cannot get it to even turn on make any noise or anything...


Does anyone have a slight clue of what might have happened? The HD is fine I got a SATA cable plugged it in another computer etc it work fine.


I really appreciate the help!



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Water shorted out something in the system ... battery, logic board, graphics card ...


    Only a Genius Bar tech *would* have known, but you complicated things with your DIY disassembly.


    Ask Genius Bar if you want, but possibly/probably the only thing you can salvage now is data off the hard drive to use on your new system.



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    Used to repair laptops for years,.....you said "there was a little puff of smoke"


    Answer, the logic board at the very LEAST is fried,..you blew some micro resistors and likely smoked the untold havoc on the logic.


    Looking inside isnt going to solve anything, you CANNOT fix anything,......replace parts yes.....fix NO WAY.



    Days of "fixing things" inside laptops died almost 18 years ago.  Things are too small, and its too much fuss.


    everything now is:


    A: find broken

    B: toss broken

    C: install new.