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Hi since updating to the second 6.0 software download on my ATV 3.1 I am having trouble with menus and playback.


Basically the first time I go in I can search to a video (Vimeo or Youtube ) or to TV Shows on my computer. Remote works fine until contenet playing then no ability to pause or stop the playback.


Plus hitting the menu button just overlays the menu in a "see- through" mode on top of whats ever playing back.


Have tried restarting a few times and pairing the remote.


I couldnt get it to restore as the menus got so overlayed I couldnt select the right option.


I should know this but is their a manual factory reset option?


I'm using a 2 TB Timecapsule (latest model) to stream wifi (and will just add that since version 6 software the wifi has been suffering interference as well....)


Tired of this Apple - whats the point of an ecosystem if when I have it set it up ok you screw it up.....

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5), 4 family users
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    I am having the same issue you are with the menu overlays. i'm considering wiping it to see if that fixes it. I can still browser the device, but sometimes when the device goes into play mode it under-lays the "current play" screen beneath the system menu.  it's very strange.


    has anyone else having a menu overlay problem?  have any info about it? 


    thank you.

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    I am having the same issue.


    It seems to start when I try to navigate on the Apple TV when a device is airplaying music to it.


    I tried completely resetting the device, to no avail.


    Have you had any luck?

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    I'm having the same problem! I have to restart the unit to correct the issue when it occurs. I'm going to try the reset/restore tonight as I still need to download 6.0.2 to it anyway... If anyone had any luck with this please let me know. I'll follow-up with results after my restore/upgrade.