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I've had my apple tv for quite some time now... occasionally will glitch and I'll lose signal and apple tv will display a message to turn on home sharing... yet... it's already on. So I get up, quit itunes, relaunch, reboot apple tv and I'm all good for another month or so.


Today however, no matter WHAT I do, apple tv will not see my shared library. I've done everything but reinstall itunes, which, I've attempted but can't even trash the app. OS won't let me. I'm currently in the process of restoring to factory default on the apple tv to see if that helps.


I can watch movie trailers, rent movies, see my photo folder, screen saver comes on fine and my photos appear, I just can't watch my downloaded tv shows or movies (YES bought!) or see my playlists.


So what gives? I've unplugged everything, restarted computer, you name it, I've done it. So again, what gives?



Moble Me Apple ID, Mac OS X (10.7.1)