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So now that Google has all but killed meeting invites in the iOS calendar (through the dropping of Exchange support) for standard Google Accounts, does anyone have any recommendations for alternative calendar apps which will accept Google Calendar invites, notify you of a pending invite and allow you to accept/maybe/decline it?

I think Sunrise does however I am not that keen on the interface (sorry to be a snob but I wanted something cleaner looking). I wondered if anyone knew of any other which can do this.

Quite frankly the Google/Apple tit for tat is starting to do my head in at the moment. Google may now think that this will result in my buying an Android phone however this is now how it works for me personally. I will buy an Android phone based on other parameters and if necessary will drop all Google Apps if I prefer the iPhone and if they cease to "play nice". Bit fed up with it all at the moment. Their customers are the ones who are losing out and that can't end well.