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When importing my schedule (from my school website, week by week), I had no problem in September.  Now, something must be screwed up in my iCal, because the same documents are importing 3-4 hours behind my current time zone (Atlantic).  Atlantic time is specified in the files, so it isn't that.  This happens in the guest user as well.


I turned off time zone support (I feel as though this is what made it stop working, as the default was off and I turned it on around the time it stopped working).  It still doesnt work even with time zone turned off and the time on my computer is set manually (instead of automatically detecting it).  Also, I tried to find the preference file in my library>preferences, but it didn't exact... not one single com.apple.ical plist file in there!!! It seems to work fine from my iphone EXCEPT it creates 2 events for each single event (at the same time) which is rather annoying.


Anyone know/have any ideas on how to fix this??

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)