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Why is the new itunes so counterintuitive? Everytime I try to do something I USED TO DO..i can't do it!


1. Podcasts - I now have a whole lost of podcasts to download or listen to that I either have no intention of listening to or had previously listened to and deleted.


2. I used to select a genre and click shuffle to listen to random tracks of the music I anted to listen to in that moment.  BUT i can't. Because the option has gone.


Apple why have you become so pants so quickly?


If anyone can help me on 1 and 2 I'll love you.  And then I'll find something else I can't do and ask you all again.

iOS 7.0.2, itunes
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    As best I can tell there are two different issues here:


    1. In iTunes / Podcasts / List view: this now shows ALL episodes of every podcast you've subscribed to. Note that these are not necessarily on your computer: the ones with a cloud icon are just "available out there on the internet", and are not on your computer. The ones without the cloud icon ARE on your computer. Unfortunately at the moment you cannot remove the cloud-icon episodes. Note that you're not trying to delete these, because there's no file on your computer to delete - you're just just trying to remove them from the list. (The List view is now permanently set on "Show all available episodes" - I hope this is a bug and not a "feature", and the old view style will be restored in a future update.)
    2. Deleting podcast files that are actually on your computer: I've found that I cannot just delete a podcast episode. Instead, I need to mark them as played, and then resync. Apple will get rid of them that way. If I actually delete the file, Apple will redownload it for me, I presume in a horribly misguided attempt to be helpful.


    Lots more in a few other threads: here, here, here, and here. There are lots of other posts out there, but those are the threads that seem to have taken on the most life.

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    Same issue as Lost, and it is annoying.  I have found that even the mark as played and resynch does not necessarily work in getting a podcast deleted from My Podcasts (even without the cloud icon, let alone with).

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    Thanks.  I will try this suggestion - do you think it might solve the issue where the same bloody podcasts keep downloading again and again, no matter how many times I mark them as played?

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    Woohoo! Great article here: http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/articles/comments/deleting-podcasts-from-the-po dcasts-app/ about this. To delete podcasts from your iOS device that you've already deleted from iTunes you just have to avail yourself of the toolbar on the Podcast App homepage! Boy that's been buggin me.

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    Good Afternoon all,


         I hope this works for others. ( Download the podcast(s) in question (in Tunes not your Ipod/ipad/Iphone) then highlight the ones to be deleted. Then go to the edit menu and delete from there. this is the only way so far i have found to DELETE the podcasts.  one last step if like me you set up your podcasts in playlists because you don't want the stupid podcast app.... go the the playlist with you podcast and delete the episodes with the cloud by them. Kind of a pain in the you know what but it seems to be effective. One last hint DON'T subscribe to podcasts update them manually. I really hope this was helpful BEST of LUCK!!