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icloud mail is weird. its meant to sync across all devices but somehow its buggy. Flagged emails for one never seem to appear the correct way on all devices. sometimes they dont appear at all!


i just happened to force a flagged mail sync by dragging down the table view on both of my ios devices...ipad and iphone. both displayed difference sets of emails. upon returning to the flagged mailbox they dissappeared! forced it again, they reappear! weirdo icloud!


searching for mails on the server from ios devices takes forever.


GROSSLY incapable of stopping spam.



photostream is out of order as well. deleting photo stream from iphoto on mac may or maynot sync to ios devices or may sync differently to each ios device!


calendar: i dont understand whats the point of having fb birthdays sync to my ios devices when i can't

  • have alerts about birthday events
  • set manual alerts for the fb birthday calendar
  • have them atleast show up in the notification center like in iOS 6!


my music playlists sync to icloud match. but i can only access songs and not synced playlist from ios devices! (correct me if i am wrong over here)



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