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I support 20-30 people in the local community here and most are senior citizens.  iOS 7 has been a big miss with this group of people. We immediately used accessibility to turn off parallax and to fatten the fonts.  This helps, but they still object to the GUI animation and hip-hop color choices of the icons.  I suspect the Apple development team lacks a strong voice for the over-50 market and a few more mistakes like this "upgrade" could alienate them forever.  This is a shame, because they are the people with the most spend power to buy Apple products and influence younger generations (who buys the Christmas presents?).  After experiencing the wrath of these people, I will never again believe that Jonathan Ive was a genius in doing this design because he excluded a good percentage of the Apple market!  Dear Apple:  We need to take a good, hard look—beyond just accessibility—at representing the needs of more senior users of all of your products. The 50+ market segment appears under represented!

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    This message seems to hit the nail on the head.  I hope that the powers at Apple will hear and understand the situation they have created.  It looks like their web site and Mavericks are going the same way.  Please let the reviewers and anyone you know at Apple know about this.  The door is wide open now for Microsoft and Google to take the senior and low vision users away from Apple.

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    Thank you for the kind words. The best way to honor Steve Jobs is for the legions of loyal followers to continue to voice concerns when Apple strays from what makes them great.  Steve could tell his staff "no" when the innovation was off track.  My fear is this did not happen with iOS 7 and may be a problem with Mavericks, because it is leaving an important market segment behind. More senior users experience with Apple products is being degraded.