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    Do you really believe that all those people having problems with their bluetooth or wifi didn't use their phone properly so as to have hardware problems? And if they did why they are looking here for software answers? You really underestimate most of the people writing here.

    I was using bluetooth and wifi before i upgraded from ios 6.1.3 to ios 7.0. and to be more specific at Sep 18 at 22.00 GMT I was using ios 6.1.3 with no bluetooth problems and some wifi problems and at Sep 18 22.30 GMT I started using ios 7.0 with wifi and bluetooth not working. Can you explain me then where is the hardware problem?

    And I still don't understand what is the big deal for Apple to let her disapointed customers to downgrade to see for theirselves? if it is not software problem this topic will close. With that behaviour apple will return were it was before 2007.

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    They are looking here for any answer. 99.99% of people have no clue whether their issues are with hardware or software. Many people have posted in here blaming one iOS update or another. Many have come before you, and many will come after.


    You upgraded your IOS and then had immediate issues. Does that mean every single other person having wifi/bluetooth issues has the same problem as you?  No. If everyone had the same problem, apparently 10 minutes in a freezer would solve world hunger, or something.

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    My phone was replaced twice for free under warrantee. I don't think Apple would have replaced the phone if it was because I had missused it, especially the second time. Given that the problems I have had with the phone seem to be very similar to most posts here I would guess its not because of missuse that this issue is arising.


    My problem is that I have a new phone for just 3 months now but I am outside the warrantee period. If it fails again then I have to pay to fix it.

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    Hello everyone,

    Hard to believe I FOUND THE SOLOUTION FOR greyed wifi. This is the whole story....

    I am one of the dissapointed apple users. My iphone 4s worked flawesly. One day I decided to update to ios 6.1.3 and wifi started to causing me headaches. It didn't keep the wifi signal and when I was doing a fresh install the wifi button was going grey. My suspicions for software failure became stronger when I finally updated to ios 7 and then I lost comlpetelly wifi and also - new one - the bluetooth.

    After several months of searching in google I found out a solution that I couldn't believe but I was so desperate that I would try anything. The solution was to put the phone in the freezer inside a zip bag for 20 minutes and the problem will be fixed for a while. AND YES IT DID!!! I couldn't believe in my eyes that my wifi and bluetooth were working until the temperaure of the phone return to room temperature. Through further search I discovered that the problem is at the chip of wifi (which includes the bluetooth). The contacts of the chip due to unknown reasons, loose steady contact so that any change at the temperature of the phone affects wifi. So there are two solutions. One is to go to an expert and replace wifi chip ($150) or take your own risk and reflow the wifi chip yourself. I took the risk and did it myself. I used a hair dryer pointing at wifi chip (next to camera at the back - search youtube) with maximum heat and air flow for 5 minutes. I let the phone cool down and after that my wifi is working perfectly at least the last 10 days I am using it!!!

    My advise is to try first the freezer and if your problem is temporarly fixed move to next step.

    Watch youtube videos and keep the times they are advising especially if you decide to reflow the wifi chip

    I am not planning to keep my iphone for any longer. I will sell it to a fanatic apple user since I am not any longer.


    I hope this will help most of you. If someone needs further instructions feel free to ask

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    Anyone knows if you need papers when you send iphone to apple service?

    I purchased my iphone 4s from ebay and i don't have his original papers. And of course has "wifi greyout" syndrom

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    You can send it back wraped in toilet papers!


    Until two weeks ago I used to rave about Apple's service and support being one of the best! No more! RIP Steve Job!

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    same problem its not posible to turn on my wifi its greyed color,, plss help this problem,, i searched to internet to fix the problem and to know what reason of this,, they said that overheated the wifi chip, but i remember i did not used my wifi in long time 2day maybe 1hour this day, only this day happened,, i used this iphone for almost 2years i have not encounter a problem like this now i'm very disappointed on this phone apple plss help this problem i know that im not the only 1 got this problem we are many what the **** cause of this.. plss help

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    i  think apple can resolve this and i think is a virus they created to make money or other company do this to destroy the apple to the people who using their product,, because honestly i am very careful to using my iphone thats why i have doubt that the cause of this they said is hardware,, i hope somebody will fix this problem soon if not we have no choice we need to spend money to repair our phone,, gudlock iphone 4s users we are many encountered this ******* problem

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    99% it is the wifi chip. To be 100% sure put it in a zipped plastic bag and put it in the freezer (I am not kidding) for 15 minutes. After you take it off turn it on and see if it will be working for the next ten minutes. If yes send me a message and I will tell you why is this happening and what to do next to solve it permenantlly

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    Well putting it in the freezer worked.  And now my wifi is back working.  So what is the fix for this long term?  Is it software or need a new chip?

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    Neither. The problem is the solder joints of the wifi chip but you don't have to change it.

    The solution is one but you have two choices. The solution is reflowing (rehot, rework) your fatigued solder joints connecting the wifi chip to the circuit board.

    Your choices are

    The first one costs but is more secure and the second one has no cost but with a small possibility to harm your mobile.

    1. Reflowing by an expert ($150)

    2. Reflowing yourself using a hairdryer (this is the solution that worked for me) but be very careful and follow my instructions

    • The wifi chip is located next to rear camera.
    • Shut down your phone
    • Place the hairdryer 2 inches from the back of your phone. You don't have to remove the back cover.
    • Let the hairdryer working for 6 minutes ( I used the strongest scale).
    • After 6 minutes let the phone cool down. Be careful. It will be extremely hot
    • Power your phone. Thats all. It should be working after that


    Good Luck

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    Hello everyone
    This is the way the gray WIFI



    I can only say




    I see that Apple is forcing us users to exchange for newer devices

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    I deleted Skype , and connected IMMEDIATELY woooohooo !!!!!!

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    Hi, my iPhone 4S had a similar problem in February 2011, after several attempts to revive it, and nothing has worked, as I was traveling to the U.S. in May, and was still under warranty at no cost to me changed.

    But now a year later the new phone looks similar to make a software upgrade problem. The WiFi only works to no more than 2 meters from the antenna WiFi, then away more disconnects, not a router problem as all other wireless devices will work fine as ever. What happened? my phone will have lost its antenna gain?. I live in Argentina there is no Apple Store here, I do not travel to the U.S., from what I saw on the website of apple change the phone for an equal (which will surely have the same problem) miss u $ s 200. I am really disillusioned with Iphone. I think it must have been damaged wifi antenna that receives wifi signal but low sensitivity or a lot, will this model of Iphone has a general problem with any batch of antennas?, because I happened on 2 different phones