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Started Boot Camp. Downloaded the Windows stuff to thumb drive. Partitioned hard drive (90G set aside for Windows 7). Inserted Windows disk when instructed. Now stuck on a screen "Where do you want to install Windows?" I assume the Disk 0 Partition 4:BOOTCAMP (84.8GB) is where it should go, but a little yellow triangle says it can' t because Windows must be installed to a partition formatted as NTFS. There are options to Delete, Format, and Load Driver. When I clicked on Load Driver, it couldn't be found. Don't want to click on anything else without a little hand holding from the community.....


I'm doing this on a MacBook Pro 13" purchased in May.

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    Follow the Boot Camp installation guides. You need to select the format option in order to format the BootCamp partition to NTFS.

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    don't mean to hijack your thread, but these instructions are not working for me.  everything works as expected until i get to the point of formatting the boot camp partition.  i choose the partition as shown in the guide, click format, and after working for a bit, the "boot camp" partition disappears from the list of available disks, and when i click "next" i get a warning that the partition couldn't be formatted.  i redid the whole process twice more with the same result. 


    if it makes a difference, it's a new imac without optical drive, and i'm installing windows from an ISO image on a 4 GB flash drive.

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    Thanks for your input. I finally got mine to work.

    Hope your's works soon, too.