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Hey guys.


I have an iphone 4 where im trying to install iOS7 on it. The install failed and I got an error. So I tried a restore. However I got a well known problem where the progress bar gets stuck at "Restoring iphone software.."


I'm restoring the iphone and you know it goes


- Extracting software..

- Waiting for iphone..

- Preparing iphone software for restore..

- Verifying iphone software..




-Restoring iPhone software.


At this point it freezes and only moves about an inch.




I've tried restoring on another computer, using another cable.

I've tried installing the latest verision of iTunes. currently using itunes 11.2

I've tried going into the hosts file and editing that.

I've tried downloading the ipsw file manually and restoring it that way. still no luck.


Problem occurs on both mac and windows.


Could it be the phone itself. or could it be apples servers being overloaded ?



iPhone 4, iOS 7