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I have a Roland A-800 PRO controller and the ACT function is broken since I created a new project in Pro X and played around here and there. From the initial setup all works fine with mapped transponder functions. I would like to reinitial paricular driver interface within the midi stack but via the control interface setup there is no possibility to delete and add the A-PRO drivers.


I'm a bit disappointed with Roland due this is the actual driver stuff but not updated since 2 or 3 years and have seen that other users with older Logic versions had similar problems.


Maybe some system folder content is needed to clean-up to get the Roland stuff up and running again?!


It's a bit annoying, maybe someone has the same controller setup...


Thanks in advance,


Logic Pro X, OS 10.8.5 (hallo Apple, whats up?
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    I can now delete previous assigned (automatically) control interfaces by considering the hints from this outline: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5859 , item 8.4 .


    But its still the same for the ACT function of the Roland masterkeyboard, sliders and transport buttons play sounds and does not control what they intended for...

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    Ok, I got it solved:


    - missing the context menu in the control interface setup where confusing me and is obviously a bug...the software seems to have some problems with its used windows manager, this is a focus event problem: hitting the right mouse click brings not always the context menu up

    - with the Roland masterkeyboard when all 4 Bx buttons lit, turned off the ACT mode, hold a Bx key and press again: the transport sections, faders and so on are working as expected