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Hello, I just got an iPhone 5s, along with my Dad. Everything is flawless, except the home button on my phone. It wiggles a little bit, and makes a loud "Secondary click" after you release it. It's not a huge deal but it is a tad annoying, especially when my Dad's works perfectly.


Thank you.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.2
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    I have the same issue and it is a very big deal to me as I'm finding it very annoying and not enjoying using my phone nearly as much as I should.  That said, I just got back from the Apple store and I tested literally every phone on display and each one of them without exception exhibited the same annoying home button click as my 5S. I then had a Genius Bar employee take my phone into the back room where it was quiet and compare it against three other iPhone 5S's. He came back and said they sounded exactly the same. The funny part was that the employees said they loved the clicking sound - to each his own I guess. At that point he was still willing to exchange it, however it didn't make a lot of sense being that my phone is perfect in every other way and I would risk potentially getting a phone with a real defect. To further validate this, my best friend has an iPhone 5s and it sounds identical to mine. So at this point I'm sad to say it looks like this is something we will all have to learn to live with. And for those who claim their phone is not clicking I suspect it's open to interpretation...


    I cringe at the thought of the upcoming iPad, as it will most likely include a Touch ID sensor and have a clicky home button - whereas my iPad 3 is almost dead silent.

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    I'll probably just keep mine then, I would like to here other responses from 5S owners too. Thanks for the input

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    I picked up the space gray model on launch day, but my wife had to wait for her gold model order like most everyone else.


    The button behavior you note was obvious from day one, but it seems like it has slowly degraded for me in the last few weeks.


    Her gold model arrived on Tuesday.   In my limited tests, hers seems less annoying.   I still prefer the original button shape/click behavior, but mine seems to be the most noticeable.


    If you know someone who received a phone in the second shipment, I suggest comparing for yourself.   It is possible the first shipment was less than optimal.   This wouldn't be the first time.

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    I tested them again after the last post.   They both click the same, but her newer gold model does not exhibit the wiggle behavior that you refer to.   Mine does.  Something isn't quite right.   I suggest being more persistent with the Genius bar if you can find a good model to compare.   I may bring both of these in to show them.

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    After a week or so my home button has gone pretty quite and does not click. Petty I cant say that about the power button rattle.

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    It's been two weeks for me and I don't notice any difference with my home button, it still clicks if I don't click it dead center.  Does yours click, if you click it off-center?  It would be far less annoying if it was at least consistent, that's what throws me off. Sometimes it's very quiet depending on where I click it other times it's very intrusive.

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    Mine does vary a bit but its quiter than it was, or I have gotten used to it, tbh I think this is how the new iPhone 5s button is meant to be, it is a different beast to the 5 and all previous buttons with the extra tech underneath and built in. I imagine in time we will just get used to it. I dont think its a problem.

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    Does your guys home button wiggle at all? If you put your finger on it can you move it around a bit?

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    No wiggle, just loud and annoying...

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    Mine does! I have exactly the same problem, it also feels like it's a bit not flush with the glass, like the button is a bit retracted. It gives me the 'ugly' feeling when I move my finger around it, like I can feel the sharp edges of the glass. I'm thinking of swaping it, but on the other hand the rest of the phone feels perfect...

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         Yep I have this and it's realy annoying, i know for a fact Steve Jobs would be driven insane by it as it's simply not good and makes the phone seem crap.... every mac button for sure should be solid and silent....almost wish I didn't have a new iPhone 5S, its the attention to detail... how could they have missed it....

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    My Space grey iPhone 5S' home button produces a loud click as well.

    What I do to combat this is I rest my entire thumb on the home button before clicking it, instead of putting just the tip of thumb on it.

    The home button seems to produce loud clicking sounds when there's little to no contact with it when clicking, such as with your index finger which is thinner Han your thumb.

    If you cover more surface area of the home button, the sounds are less noticeable.

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    While I was at Best Buy today I tested out yet another iPhone 5s on display and it sounded identical to mine producing a loud click.  So at this point, I have tested almost 2 dozen iPhone 5s's from both the Apple Store as well as Best Buy on top of my friend's all of them sound identical to mine so this tells me this is not an anomaly but rather the norm.  Yes I'm sure there are those people with the one in 100 phones that is much quieter, however that is an exception to the rule at this point.  Unless Apple decides to make a design change mid-stream (which I think is unlikely) we're probably just going to have to learn to live with it and hope that the next iPhone will not have this issue.

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    I've got this problem on my iPhone 5s Space Gray. The home button seems to be making a loud clicking noise on the way up. Compared it with two other 5s phones: one other Space Gray - the clicking noise is not as loud and more uniform on the way down and up - and another Silver - also has a fairly loud clicking noise, but on the way down, not up. Accordingly, it appears that all 5s phones are different, not uniform. The loud clicking noise on the way up is annoying the living **** out of me. It's a Sprint phone; I also visited a Sprint store, and the staff memeber there was not able to tell the difference between my 5s Space Gray and another 5s he had on display. As a result, I have a tendency to think this is more likely a flaw/oversight in the phone design, not a "normal" feature of 5s like some have commented earlier on this forum.


    Has anyone had a positive experience bringing their 5s to an Apple store and exchanging it to get rid of the issue for good? Or do they all click? I'm starting to really consider a visit to the Apple store.