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with iOS 6.1.3 on my iPhone 4s - I was able to get 4.5 to 5 hours of usage "OFF ONE FULL CHARGE" Seemed great to me.

Checking email, occasional web search / browse etc...


NOW AFTER UPGRADING TO iOS 7.0.2, with the same usage, Checking email, occasional web search / browse etc...

I can barely get 4 full hours of use out of ONE FULL CHARGE


* I always check what apps are running by double-clicking the home button and Close them all to make sure.  Same thing I've always done.


Dear Apple, Can you tell me how i'm better off with iOS 7.0.2 with all of these disadvantages and troubles I now have with the phone ?


It would be fine if APPLE Allowed you to go back to the OLD iOS 6.1.3   This does not even seem fair.  Apple please hear your Buyers / Consumers and do the right thing and allow the downgrade back to iOS 6.1.3

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.2