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I have been reading up in these communities about other people who have been having problems with iOS 7 since installing it. I too am in the club.


1. iMessage doesn't always work - i can't always send or receive iMessages....and even with the option marked in Settings to Send as Text Message when iMessage is unavailable - it still doesn't even revert to that to send it - it just lingers.


2. Every time i make a phone call - while the phone is ringing, as soon as i put it up to my ear, i can hear it making those 3 beeps that it makes when you have a dropped call - so every time i hear that, i look at my phone, and it is still dialing. However, the keypad is not there, it shows the menu at the top that allows me to tap on it to bring the phone back up again. So if i am just making this call, how is it not still within the Phone app to show me the number, keypad, etc when i pull it from my ear?


3. Automatic Downloads don't work for me on Cellular. It works on Wi-Fi - but the settings don't specify that it doesn't work on Cellular, it actually gives you an on/off switch to Use Cellular Data. (It's On).


To fix (or at least work around Problem #1 - i have turned OFF iMessage, Reset Network Settings (phone restarts), and then turned iMessage back ON again, and it seemed to fix that for now. It however did not fix #2 or #3 for me. Any workarounds?

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    Automatic downloads only work on wifi.

    That is as intended.

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    First thing to try is to reset your device. Press and hold the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. Let go of the buttons and let the device restart. See if that fixes your problem.

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    I would suggest that if you applied any of your updates (especially the most recent ones) OTA, that you consider connectin to iTunes, making a full, current backup, then restore the device to factory settigns (which will download the current iOS version through iTunes) and then restore form your backup. 

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    if this is true - then why is it in Settings, there is an ON/OFF switch for it to work via Cellular? This is a bit confusing if what you say is true - that it is not meant to work on Cellular.