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    dzseti Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just another thought that gives me hope that maybe the big carriers maybe applying pressure to Apple to resolve the problem. I had a communication from T-Mobile in Hungary clsoing (my translation):


    "I trust that Apple will soon rectify the mistake and to the extent that I get further information about this, I will of course keep you informed"


    It seems to me that iOS 7 has exposed a weakness in the 4S chip and that Apple should take responsibility for sorting this out at its own expense.

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    Boardhedz Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)



    regarding your comments that have either not been approved, or may have been removed:-


    my wifi button is greyed; if Iput the phone in the fridge for 15 mins the button is green, the phone looks for the networks (tried home and work) but the wheel spins indefinately as the phone can't find any wifi; if I re-set network settings the button goes grey again


    if i put a hairdryer on the phone for say 2-3 minutes and switch on while hot/warm the networks are visible and it appears that I can connect to he wifi but as soon as the phone cools to room temperature the button is greyed again; I have only done this once as it doesn't seem right to heat the phone up that much, maybe I should do it again for longer, I don't know


    but getting to your question yes it would appear that as the heat/cold makes the wifi work for a short while it maynotbe permaently damaged; I wish some technically minded person would confirm, but my understanding is that the wifi chip is temperature sensitive and may work when hot but or cold but it's been permanently damaged and either will work for a short while, possibly hang in for longer but most will not work again at normal temperature; if you know more information in this respect please let me know


    and for me this is the information that would be helpful; if the OS update has caused the 4s wifi chips to go into meltdown, or pushed them ove the edge, and have permanent damage, then this would assist us in making an informed decision about the need for a software update/physical repair/phone replacement. 

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    Boardhedz Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I spoke to O2 and they just maintained it was a software issue


    I said no it's definately a physical problem with the phone


    he said, yes, caused by the software! . . . . . it's a software issue!

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    Boardhedz Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    It seems to me that iOS 7 has exposed a weakness in the 4S chip and that Apple should take responsibility for sorting this out at its own expense.


    that my friend, is exactly the point! and the very reason why our bold comments go missing!

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    claudiofrombl Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    iPhone 4S mounts the Broadcom BCM4329 its the same as the iPhone 4, but IOS7 on iPhone 4 doesnt have this issue.


    We have just to wait for the new update maybe 7.0.3 or 7.1

  • 545. Re: wifi doesn't work with IOS 7
    tkm133 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    So, just when does an update come out???

  • 546. Re: wifi doesn't work with IOS 7
    Bin Kroon Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This problem already started since the introduction of iOS 6. As you can see when you do a google search on 'iphone 4s wifi'.


    The problem is a serious overheating of the Broadcom chip caused by the iOS. (both 6 & 7)

    Call it hardware, call it software, call it what you like, but the hardware fails since it can't handle the software.


    It it would have been just the software, Apple could have addressed this over a year ago.

    But for over a year Apple has been replacing iPhones, first under warranty, now you'll have to pay for it.

    And even today there are people experiencing this problem again on a phone straight out of the Apple store.


    If it indeed was only software you would at least expect Apple to make a statements to her beloved affected clients acknowledging this to be a software issue. We users wouldn't be happy but at least we would understand. Hey, everyone can make a mistake right?


    However Apple is NOT communicating on this issue whatsoever. Not a single word from Apple HQ.

    The only communication is posts being deleted.


    For this reason, I have the impression Apple is hoping after time this will just blow over, like after the introduction of iOS 6 when the same problem occured.


    People get upset, want an answer, get no answer, and at the end buy a new phone and life continues.

    That includes me, I need a phone and bought a new one this past week.

    Which now is non-Apple. That doesn't bother Apple to much you always have a few unhappy customers...

    Now admitting there is indeed a hardware fault, is impossible. Besides losing face, losing stock value, it would mean the replacement of defective phones and refunding of people having had their phones replaced already.

    A nightmare scenario.


    But most people  give up, as you can see in this discussion.

    The amount of active participants has drastically reduced. People accept their faith. David versus Goliath


    So at the end -and that is what they seem to wait for - Apple gets away with it. But it just is not right.


    It shows greed and very little sense of responsibility and respect for her clients.

    6.8 billion profit in the third quarter of 2013... Apple should be ashamed of herself.

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    Bin Kroon Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    :-D  there is one funny thing in this all: your response!

    At least we all have a sense of humor :-)

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    dzseti Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    Thanks for such detailed information. I'm a bit reluctant to do this cooling and/or heating process unless I start to be the cause of damage and not Apple - but certainly will post anything else I hear about this.


    I wish I could be as optimistic as claudiofrombl - and believe that software changes alone could resolve the issue - we will see!


    (Bin Kroon posted another long explanation of how he sees the issue going back to iOS 6 which may be right.)


    Yup, whichever way we look at the question - pure software issue or software exposing hardware issue - it seems to me that Apple is responsible and needs to take action to solve it for all its users without expecting them to pay. We shall see ...

  • 549. Re: wifi doesn't work with IOS 7
    Boardhedz Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Bin Kroon - that is my understanding and, I feel sums it up perfectly, unforunately, even the bits about Apple and their refusal to comment, as you state it wouldn't be good for them to replace 100's of 4s phones and you're right people get fed up, have lives and get a new phone and Apple breath a sigh of relief BUT still very wrong!


    claudiofrombl - I sincerely hope you are right, there's nothing more that would please me to see another update that fixes it; but, lots of posts point toward hardware failure?


    dzseti - I too wish I could be optimistic about software; somehow though I fear that Bin Kroon summarises the reality in that people get fed up, accept their fate, can't beat the might of Apple, get new phones, active participants reduce, and slowly the pain in Apple's *** eases and goes away!


    if anyone technial knows whether the phone can be repaired and what needs to be done it would be appreciated if you could share this with us and then we can make an informed decision on the best resolution personally?

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    LiOz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    Y'all have no idea! I've been at the local apple store (30 min away) 2 times in a week and a half, and just booked my third appt. Same issue - wifi either greyed out or won't find a network. Mostly, greyed out. First time I went, they gave me a new phone, restoring from my old phone, and it worked great for 24 hours. Then same thing happened. Went back 2 days later, bc that was the first available appt time. Got another new phone, this time they set it up as a new phone bc they said that whatever was corrupt from the original phone was probably transferred to the second one. It worked (mostly) for a week, now it's happening again. Also, the two new phones both were/are getting really hot after a few minutes of using them. I can feel it through my otter box, it's that bad. It's ridiculous. Next available time is in two days so going back over for, I assume, another new phone. This time when they ask if I want to upgrade to ios7 the answer is going to be NO. Which I tried to say the second time I was there but they assured me it wasn't a ios7 problem. Awesome. Good thing I have all the time in the world to keep going back over there. Oh wait... I DO have a job...

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    fromsouth Level 4 Level 4 (3,245 points)

    When you get in, ask them to run the diagnostics for overheating.

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    JanuszFromPoland Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Anyone knows how does a faulty iPhone 4S wifi chip look like when it is compared to a well working one e.g. taken from iPhone 4S that is still running with iOS 5 ?

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    vaportrails2002 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My wife's phone is doing the exact same thing. iPhone 4s 64G and soon as ios7 was installed the battery life has gone down the drain (yes I did all the suggested fixes to cut down on the battery drain), but the battery just drains for no reason. It was at 100% this afternoon and now it is at 23% and the phone has been sitting on the dresser not doing anything. Also the Wifi is greyed out. The phone is mint and has always been in an otter box. I am not going to try to freeze or heat my phone, it is clearly something with the update to ios 7. My wife was so mad about the battery thinking it wa apples way of making people ugrade to a new phone, she went out and bought a Galaxy S4. I am also due for an upgrade and was looking at the 5S, but if Apple is not going to do anything about this, I amy also look to another manufacturer as well after having an 3S, 4 and 2 4S's, 2 ipods, itouch, etc (10 apple devices over the last 4-5 years). This thread is also making the news http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/10/10/ios-7-update-brings-more-wi-fi-issues- for-some-iphone-4s-owners

  • 554. Re: wifi doesn't work with IOS 7
    Lord_Beelzebub Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't think the WiFi issue is just with the 4S model.  I have the iPhone 5 and every since I upgraded to iOS7 my WiFi does not work properly.


    Here is my problem.  If I have Bluetooth turned on my WiFi will not work properly, will not keep a consistent connection.  If I turn bluetooth off, the WiFi works perfect as it did before.  I have reset my phone back to factory settings and set the phone up as a new phone in iTunes, still the problem exists.


    My phone worked fine with iOS6, but since I upgraded to iOS7, I now have WiFi problems.  I should be able to have both WiFi and Bluetooth turned on at the same time and my phone should work with no problems.  I should NOT have to have one or the other off.


    For the person earlier in this thread that kept saying it's not a iOS7 problem because then everyones phone would be having the same issue, it's hardware problem, that's a bunch of cr@p.  If you have a PC running Windows 7 and has a bad graphic card in it, installing Windows 8 on the computer is not going to fix the hardware.  If that computer was working fine with Windows 7, then you install Windows 8 and all of a sudden the graphics are messed up, that's a problem with the software and that's the problem everyone is having.  If the hardware is bad, then WiFi wouldn't work at all regardless which iOS the phone is running.


    The problem is, not all iPhones are made exactly the same.  When the iPhone 4S came out many people complained that the displays had a yellowish hue to them while other 4S phones had the same blueish tent that previous iPhone models had.  I had one of the yellowish hue displays.  It wasn't bad hardware, but the yellowish hue displays came from a different manufacture than the others.  I think we have the same situation going on here with iOS7 and WiFi.  The WiFi antennas in all iPhones are not exactly the same.  The antennas themselves work fine, but iOS7 is not configured properly to work with all the antennas.


    All I know is, my phone worked fine with iOS6, now that I have iOS7, and even after I reset my phone and set it up as a new device, having Bluetooth turned ON makes my WiFi not work properly  That is NOT a hardware problem, that is a software problem, that problem is iOS7 !!!!!!

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