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Chinese input program PinYin is so hard to use. I want to type "可以"(for PinYin is "KeYi"), which is one of the most regular words in chinese, but the word "康艺" came out at the front(1) of words-bar and "可以" is (3). It's because My friend who named "康艺"(for PinYin is "KangYi") is in my contacts, and I can't use "shift+delete" to resort the words-bar list. Please change the sort rule, at least I can't resort the words-bar.

Now I use Baidu-Pinyin, but I want to use Apple PinYin, 'cause I want to use the same input habit with every macs. So I don't have to install Baidu-Pinyin when I using other macs at work.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Chinese input program