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i installed windows successfully on my home imac, so i know how to do it, and i know the windows installer is good.  when i try to do so on my work imac, it fails at the same point every time.  i start up bootcamp assistant and partition my drive.  it then goes into the windows installer, and all is good until i get to the custom installation option, where i click "Drive options (advanced)", then click format.  when i do so, the partition named BOOTCAMP is selected, as it should be, and it looks like the installer is formatting the partition NTFS.  but when it appears to be finished, the name "BOOTCAMP" has disappeared from the partition, and it reverts to some generic name.  when i click next, i get the following warning:


"Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locat an existing system partition.  See the setup log for more information".


if i then select that partition, which now lacks the BOOTCAMP title, the process repeats itself, and i'm unable to proceed.  i've tried running the installer off of a DVD with external optical drive, as well as off of an ISO file on a flash drive.  the result is exactly the same.  don't know what to do.


i even got desperate and tried to pre-format the BOOTCAMP partition as NTFS, but the installer won't work that way.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)