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ITunes recognizes my iPhone 4s with Mophie, but does not recognize my iPhone 5 with Mophie. I occasionally get a message that this may not be supported. In reading community responses on Mohie 5 charging issues, it may be that this started with the ios7 upgrade. Any thoughts or workarounds would be appreciated. I cannot make it through the day without the mophie.

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2, Mophie 5 iTunes doesn't recognize
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    The mophie works just fine with the iPhone 5 running iOS 7.  Sounds like you have dust or debris in your phone's docking port that needs to be cleaned out.

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    Thank you for your response gdgmacguy. Here is more info.  It is a brand new Mophie, and based on your note, I have checked the connections on both the phone and Mophie. Appears to be a good tight connection and clean. The iPhone will connect to iTunes and cable sync with the Mophie removed, so I am thinking the iPhone port is not the issue.

    Since my post, I did a chat with Mophie support. She indicated that they have identified issues with the Mophie for iPhone 5 cable syncing, but did not elaborate or offer a solution other than don't cable sync. Looking over this forum, it appears cables could be a problem and there are also notes stating that this started with iOS 7. I sure would like to find a solution. I have noted that the phone will charge through the Mophie using the USB to computer, just will not see iTunes. So, I believe the connectivity is there.

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    OK, then this is a Mophie issue, not an Apple issue. 


    Hopefully, working with Mophie, you'll get your issue solved soon.  There are at least 5 people I know at my work that use their iPhone 5 running iOS 7 (including myself) that have no problems with their Mophie device.




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    I also have 5s and Mophie Juice Pac Air.  Using the USB cable that came with Mophie to connect to MacBook pro will charge the Mophie but iTunes and iPhoto do not "see" the iPhone.  I removed the bottom of the juice pac and connected via the iPhone lightening cable that came with the iPhone.  iPhone shows up in iTunes and iPhoto.   I have reported this to Mophie and will be following this thread and Mophie for solution.

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    I also have the same issue with my iphone 5s 32 GB with a mophie pack plus on.  I have the latest iTunes and iOS 7.0.3 and iTunes will not recognize the phone when plugged into the computer with the mophie pack on.  Also, with my mophie pack on charging at night, I use a 3rd party probably from China adaptor in the wall and cable 3rd party as well and it charges the phone, but whenever I turn the phone on after charging a long while, the "slide to unlock" portion at bottom of phone won't let me slide to unlock the landing page to get into my phone.  I have to take it off the charger in order to work with and use my iphone.  Also, the iphone is MUCH slower when I'm charging it in the wall with the mophie pack on and these 3rd party cables and wall charger...I'm not sure if it's an iOS update issue, mophie issue, 3rd party cable issue (which worked fine on my iphone 4s for maybe a year), or all 3 combined?

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    This is a very annoying problem, especially since both companies are claiming iPhone 5s compatibility.  Speaking with Mophie today, they blamed Apple's use of the lightening port.  This product should be pulled fromt the shelves of Apple stores, or certainly made very clear that its not fully compatbile.  It will charge only, but not sync. Each company blames each other, neither takes responisbility, and the end user is caught in middle, haven't spent money on an incomplete product.

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    I have found out that it's really Mophie's issue more than it is Apple's.  I returned my $150 mophie pack plus and got an UNU battery pack with about same amount of life off Amazon.com.  The UNU pack syncs with iTunes and charges and does everything it's supposed to unlike the famed Mophie Pack.  I thought going with Mophie would be a good move, but I'm going to stick with the knock-offs which surprisingly work better :).