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Hello everyone, I have only recently joined the apple club and bought the iphone 5, I decided to buy a docking station and ended up buying one named 'iLuv Aud 5' this is made specifically for the iphone 5 so I was very excited to use it for the first time. I ordered it from amazon and believe it was from America so also ordered a US-UK adapter, the dock arrived last week and the adapter arrived today, I set everything up as said on the instructions but for some reason it wasn't registering my Iphone or my iPod, it does turn on however as a circular light appears on the top when it's on. I was wondering if anyone knew how to connect them or if I'm way out of my league and they don't work in the UK or along those lines. Also if that's the case what docking stations would people recommend? Thanks

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2