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Originally I connected an Apple TV module to my system about 12months ago, everything worked fine for about 6months then unexpectedly my TV screen kept displaying the message:"Turn on Home Sharing" and would not connect to the computer. I tried resetting the module with the remote, this worked once, but then the original problem reappeared. I took the Apple TV module to an Apple service agent to be tested. After a couple of days and apparently rigourous testing they replaced the module with another new one. The technicial did say to me that there had been a few recognition problems with these units.

The new unit performed perfectly for about 4months, now the original problem is back again. I have tried resetting everything I can think of, turning off and on Home Sharing. I have even reset module to original factory settings, still no luck.

All other aspects of the Apple TV module work, no problems, just Home Sharing.

I have a suspicion that the problem may lie in the itunes programe in the computer, possibly there is some sort of corruption in the Home Sharing to Apple TV recognition part of the program. Is there any way of resetting the whole itunes programme, without losing my entire library?

Anybody with a similar problem, maybe a solution or two.

AppleTV 2, Windows 7