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Ever since updating my iPhone5 to OS7, I have been unable to sync my phone to iTunes, obviously because of the requirement to install iTunes 11.1

I am currently using iTunes 11.0.2.  I have tried multiple times over the past month to download 11.1 and each time I download, go through the install process, get confirmation that the install was successful, re-launch iTunes and it is STILL 11.0.2, thus leaving me unable to sync my phone.

I have tried checking for a software update from the OS update menu, and it says there are no updates. Checking for updates within iTunes itself says that I need to upgrade to 11.1 but any attempt to download either thru iTunes or direct from iTunes.com results in the same sequence described above.


Launching iTunes direct from the application folder rather than the dock, has no impact.


Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


btw iMac 2007ish - running 10.6.8 snow leopard

iPhone 5, iOS 7, iMac 2007 - Snow Leopard - 10.6.8