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I have a retina MBP. I am used to hitting shift-control-power to *just* turn the display off and lock the computer -- *without* putting it to sleep -- when I leave my desk.


This still works in Mavericks 10.9, but it creates an annoying pop sound (Mac error sound effect) which never used to happen in 10.8 and previous versions.


I'm told that just hitting the power key for a second now does the same thing, but in my experience it doesn't. It sleeps the computer rather than just shutting off the display. I want the computer to still operate on the network and on full power.


Does anyone have a new key combination that just turns off the display but doesn't pop or beep?


I know I can dim the display brightness but (1) this doesn't turn off the pixels, just the backlight, and that's not what I'm looking for, and (2) this takes too long versus just a single action like shift-control-power.