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The App store shows me that there's an upgrade to iPhoto that I should download. Indeed, when I try to open the .dmg file of this upgrade that I downloaded from the Apple website, it tells me that I have to upgrade via the App store. So I go to the App store, click on "download" and it tells me to sign in to the account that I used to buy iPhoto. But that's not possible, because it came pre-loaded on the MacBook Pro I use and have used for about 4 years.


So I anyway sign in with my current Apple / iTunes /App store ID. Go back to download iPhoto, and get the same message to sign in. Try again to sign in, although the App Store menu shows that I'm signed in. Go back to download, same message. Kafka lives!


How do I get this upgrade?


Thank you

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Dah•veed Level 7 Level 7 (30,305 points)

    OK, but iLife apps that came bundled with a new Mac 4 years ago would be very old versions. So at some point more recently did you buy the Mac App Store versions?

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    I'm in the same boat. They've all been updating until recently via Software Update. They were all up to date until today! I'm not paying approx £80 to update my iWork and iLife apps when I paid that much for them bundled in my Snow Leopard DVD three years ago. I've paid every year to update my OS X and now they're offering this one free but you're having to pay for your bundled apps four times over the price of the usual OS X update smacks of hypocrisy to me. I'm not amused.

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    The iWork apps are free to anyone who bought a new Mac since 1 OCT. For the rest of us they are a major paid upgrade from v4 to v5.

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    I've got version 9.4... and, no, I'e never bought iPhoto separately (iWorks, yes, but not iLife or iPhoto), but I have kept it regularly upgraded.


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    Incorrect. As suspected all those who purchased the iWork and iLife suites via MAS or DVD are to get the new updates free. All app updates were available to update through SU overnight. They now also appear in Purchases for original DVD owners which will save any future difficulty. There are still some bugs Apple are trying to iron out in the system however. But good on them for coming through and not letting us down. I feel vindicated.

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    • Manually install the totally new iPhoto.   Go to app store and  search for iPhoto. Press install
    • Big download. When done you will see a new blue  iPhoto icon.
    • It may craete a new iPhoto library in the "picture folder.  If so close iPhoto navigate to picture folder and illiminate - carefully - the smaller iPhoto Library.


    Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 7.34.45 AM.png