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I recently updated my Macbook pro to Maverick and since then I am unable to connect to the app store. Although I am currently using my wifi network to type this - I cannot connect to the store.


Any ideas on what to do?

MacBook Pro, Recently updated to Maverick.
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    I too have the same problem im trying almost everything i can think of lol. im thinking switching over back to 10.8 but i wonder if the app store crash for the maverick? hope we found out soon

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    I have the same problem. I've changed my password twice and still nothing. My ID works everywhere else - the iTunes store, the iOS app store, etc. I also can't use any apps purchased from the App store since they claim they were purchased on another computer and ask for a sign-in.

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    I have the same issue with one of my Apple IDs.

    I use 2, an Alerican one and a French one.

    Everything works fine wirth the newer French one.


    But I have had issues with the American one for several weeks.

    One is that I get an error message signinf into iTunes that the iTunes store is unavilable. Deleting cookies and certain files is a temporrary fix.


    And for the last few days (I was already using Mavericks) I have the same issur as you signing to the Mac App Store with my American Apple ID. (load for ages).


    I have spent several hours with iTunes and Applecare teams over the last month and a half. They provided a temporary fix for iTunes but nomore.

    The issues are the same on 3 different Macs, as well as Windows 7 inside VMWare (except of course that there is no Mac App Store on Windows)



    Anyway, I have a temporary fix for accessing the Mac App Store :

    - Create a new user in System Preferences/Users and Groups. A standard user is sufficient.

    - Login to your Mac as that new user.

    - Sign on to the Mac App Store.

    - Buy / update your apps.

    - Log out and delete the "new" user in System Preferences/Users and Groups


    I could see that if I sign on iTunes with my French Apple ID (as the new Mac user), I then have the same problems when trying to sign on with the American ID.


    Hope this helps,