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I would like to start a thread with every single problem I (or you) have encountered with the Music app from iOS 7.


Music has always been a part of Apple, and many would argue one of the factors of where they are today. It is a bit strange that their new Music app took a step backwards in terms of where their app was in iOS 6.


Here is a list of all the problems I have encountered with iOS 7's Music app:


1. The Music app does not show the edited metadata tags I made on purchased songs. Rather it pulls the information from the iTunes store and shows the tags they want to show. This means there is a discrepancy between how songs appear on iTunes that reflect the changes I made and the songs that appear in iOS 7. There are many reasons one would make changes to the metadata for organization and library management purposes, and the fact that apple is deciding what to show me is very frustrating.


2. The inability to add songs to a playlist from another playlist. No comment.


3. The inability to shuffle genre directly by going into the genre. Bigger no comment.


4. The inability to shuffle a specific album after selecting a specific artist and not have all his albums shuffle. Biggest no comment.


5. Album artwork on some albums not showing and appearing as generic titles. All my albums have had perfect artwork for the last half-decade, and have always worked seamlessly on my countless iPads, iPods and iPhones. Now all of a sudden iOS 7 shows some of my album artwork as generic titles. How, oh how, oh how does this happen, how does this pass quality control.


If you have any workarounds or solutions to the above problems, please post them.


If you have any extra issues/problems you're experiencing with the Music app in iOS 7 please post them too.


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