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Pages 5.0 seems to have lost the ability to view all comments at once in the margin of a document.  Is that right, or have I just not found a way to do this?  This is really important in how I grade papers.


Related question: how can I revert back to the Pages '09?

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    Jerrold Green1 Level 7 Level 7 (28,995 points)

    To use the old version, just locate it in Finder and launch it. You can use Spotlight to find it. The old version has a bottle of ind on the icon, the new version has a pad of paper.



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    I noticed the same thing today.  I am a teacher also and have the answers in the comemnts for my quizzes.  I tried to print a page with all the comments displayed, but it is not possible.


    I am able to open my documents in the old version by right clicking and selcting "Open With" and then choose the older version. 


    If you don't want to go through this "right click" process everytime, you can right click on a document and select "Get Info".  Then, in the "Open With" section select the old version of pages and click "Change All...".

    screen shot.jpg