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Sadly, I had to take Keynote 5.3 out of the trash today so I could use it INSTEAD of Keynote 6.


Keynote 6 is actually worse than 5.3 in terms of features.


I'll let other threads explain all the reasons why, but these types of steps backward should not have been missed by alpha and beta testers.


What is going on ?

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    Apple appears to have literally and figuratively lost Perspective on Keynote.


    Keynote was conceived to be high-octane preso software capable of making stunningly beautiful presentations. PPT-users would hang their heads in shame upon seeing a well-crafted Keynote preso.


    But Steve Jobs moved on to other projects and Apple corporate shifted its priorities. Keynote's role became that of a team player along with Pages and Numbers intended as Apple's answer to Google Apps (which was Google's answer to MS Office). Multiplatform compatability became valued above all else. PC users *must* be able to create presos using IE to access Keynote on the web.


    Keynote:vanilla cannot leverage Mac's hardware/software power. It has to be cross-platform. It cannot be used to create presos that are "too hard" for PCs or iPads (or iPhones, I suppose).


    I mean, weren't all you Keynote power-users about to switch to Google Apps' presentation software because you valued cross-platform compatability much more than you value awesome presos? No?


    I'd love it if someone more knowledgeable than me were to start a list of all the newly missing features that Keynote 6 boasts. It appears as if Keynote 5.3 will represent the peak of Keynote's preso creation power.


    For me? No Mavericks for now and no Keynote 6 until... who knows when?

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    If you are on a laptop, Mavericks is definitely worth the upgrade.


    The energy consumption improvements alone are pretty awesome.


    If you have Keynote 5.3, then Keynote 6 isn't even worth the bandwidth at this point.  Maybe it'll get some love now that Mavericks is out.

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    I was thrilled to be in the audience when Steve Jobs announced every one in the audience at MacWorld 2003 would get a free copy of Keynote 1.0. I still have the boxed disc. I use KN daily as an educator and international speaker.

    Keynote 6 is designed for iOS and a very poor app at that. You can't even do something as simple as cutomize the toolbar. Thank goodness the update left Keynote 5 in the iWork folder untouched.

    Stay away from KN 6.