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Is it possible to uninstall Maverick and go back to Mountain Lion? I was using Epson Scan with my V500 Photo scanner and it worked great. Now there is no driver to support it under Maverick and I have to use Image Capture, which doesn't work nearly as well.

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       Yes you can restore back from Time Machine or any other backup of the previous OS X that you may have on any other source or if you still have it in your previous app purchases.

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    I'll give it a bit and see if Epson solves the issue. I admit to being a little afraid of trying to go back to Mountain Lion. I use Backblaze for backup.

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    Just in case, here are other options for anyone else that need help doing the same.

    Put my computer back to Mountain Lion, and she's working perfect again, as I knew she would. E-mail popping into mailbox instantly as it should and did before the update, printer working fast as it was before update, no more freezing or glitches of any kind thankfully and finally. Here is the link that is through the Apple site to direct you on how to put your system back and get rid of Maverick's, that is assuming that is what you would like to do and also includes link for those wanting to try fixing the issue if that is your preference (most of this info is for those with mountain lion and some with the previousverisoin of OS X lion).


    If you want to keep Maverick's here is a good post on the apple discussion board to help you out:



    If you just want to totally get rid of it and put back what you had before, this is the short version of how to do so:


    NOTE: This particular link has a lot of info on what to do for different situations, it is a bit lengthy, yet still very helpful.


    OS X Mountain Lion: Reinstall OS X (direct from Apple support site, not someone else):



    OS X: About OS X Recovery (also from apple support directly and includes some instructions just the same as previous links above):



    Just in case you aren't sure what it will all look like as you are doing things, this is a link to show you a few pics of what you will see  as you as you are going through the process, it can be helpful for those who aren't sure what they are doing or how to do things at all:



    This is a way to download the Mountain Lion disk info from the server




    I hope this helps someone, it was amazing for me and my system is working perfect again like it was, battery life is way better went from like 3 hours to like 5 (not on full charge by the way, after it sat for a while doing the online update which took a while so that's saying something alone, huge improvement). I plan to wait a while before attempting to reinstall Maverick's, long enough for them to fix the bugs.