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Hi everyone,

   using the month format in iCal, I was trying to add a new event in october/20 (sunday). I dont know why, I can't do it.

It refuses to do it. Nothing happens, or the new event insist to appear in October/19.

    So I decided to print the October month (to write using a pencil): So I found two days "19", the Saturday and the Sunday both are 19 in the printed calendar. And Monday became "20" and the rest are wrong (see the image).

    I was using a iMac Version 10.6.8.  Ok, so I decided to use my laptop MacBookPro Retina with Mountain Lion. The same happened ! With the same day: October/20. I updated the MacOsX in both.

    Sorry, I did not find the report of this error in the list. Any help, or report of similar error ?

iCal — Month — 10-1-13 to 10-31-13.png

iCal, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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       I realize that Octorber/20 is Dayling Saving Time in Brazil. That is the probable cause of this bug in iCal.

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    ical - 20 de outubro sumiu do meu calendário - na visualização 'SEMANA' => Dia 19 ao lado, dia 21.

    Na visualização 'MÊS', ele aparece mas não aparecem os eventos.

    Somente aparece na visualização 'DIA'.
    Isto vem acontecendo há anos. A Apple poderia nos ajudar e consertar isto logo!


    ical - October' 20 disappeared from my calendar - in view 'WEEK' => Day 19 next day 21.

    In view 'MONTH', it appears but not appear events.

    Only appears when viewing 'DAY'.

    This has been happening for years. Apple could help us and fix this soon!