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I can not get the settings to save, they keep going back to 4 fingers and then not working. I am reffering to the settings in Magic Trackpad on a brand new mac mini with mavericks and a new trackpad. I want 3 finger drag enabled, 3 fingers swipe between apps and 3 finger swipe up for mission control. ***? I just spent $70 yesterday for a piece of hardward that doesn't work? I have to drive 30 minutes just to get to the apple store. I already did the reboot>>> command, option, P, R and it worked once then snapped back to the defualt for fingers etc. screenshots provided. I might be willing to accept a 4 finger swipe that it wants to default at, but that doesn't even work. HELP! FRUSTRATING.


I have 13 days before I return this product if not fixed.


it happens as soon as I close system preferences.


3 finger drag before.jpg3 finger drag before.jpgappsafter.jpg

Mac mini, OS X Mavericks (10.9), Bluetooth Keyboard & Superdrive