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shooting many events, I frequently have problems rendering strong blue colour. The blue comes from these new LED lights. In Aperture it gets magenta and is seperated from the natural looking surrounding by a unnaturally looking harsh border. I tried DxO 8 and capture One Pro 7. These don't show this error. Here is a screenshot of sample image rendered in 4 RAW Processors, including Adobe Camera RAW 3.4.3. Adobe Camera RAW has the problem too, but not so intense.


Any idea how to avoid this? I didn't find a solution. Clicking o the image enlarges it.



Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I'd try to find a filter specific for the wavelength of the LED lights to put in front of your lens when you are shooting. Or use a very strong flashlight, to compensate the blue light, so that the effect is not so prominent.

    Correcting the problem afterwards can only be done by brushing away the blue and pink (with the curves adjustment) from the effected highlight areas, this will be a lot of work.





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    Thank you Léonie for you reply. Unfortunatly it is not the problem of the camera or the way to shoot. I work as a pro for 30 years. It is definitly a problem of Aperture. If I shoot RAW and JPEGs at the same time, the JPEGs out of the camera look natural, but the NEFs in Aperture are ugly, much too dark and somehow unified to one strange colour. There is no chance to get this corrected within Aperture. Here is an example. Left the JPEG out of the Camera, right the NEF in Aperture. Colour controls in Aperture react strange, there is no way to get the darkness in the intense blue colour away. I sent a bug report with the feedback button, but no reactions.... I have to change my workflow away from Aperture if this is not fixed soon. I am a really satisfied users from 1.5 on and I have more than 200.000 image in Aperture..



    In the example in my first posting of the thread you can see, that Capture One 7.0.1. and DxO Optics Pro 8 handle the blue well. Here is the image comparison again:





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    I don't have your camera. Do you use a setting like "Canon's Preserve Highlights"? Aperture does not understand this tag. In consequence, when you use it, the jpeg will look o.k., but the raw will have a wrong exposure that may blow out the highlights.


    The camera specific software will be able to render the raw correctly, but Aperture not. The problem will be most noticable in difficult lighting situations.


                                                                                                       Re: Aperture D600 Raw Files too dark?    

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    Hello Léonie


    thanks for your great help here! I appreciate any hint and your help is always detailed and well-considered. Yes I know these camera settings. Only the embedded Preview JPEG inside the RAW or any written fullsize JPEG is affected, but not the RAW itself. A change of this setting doesn't help. I don't use those settings at all, never changed them from standard neutral, because I don't use camera JPEGs at all.


    Aperture isn't able to see these high-saturated blue color in a natural way. These blues are totally off and there is no way to get them in the direction of the JPEG colors. With other programs the LED-blue looks nearly the same as in the camera JPEG, but not in Aperture. Now I tried to render the above image with the two LED-flood-lights with Capture One, DxO and Aperture. Here is the absolutly annoying result. I tried to solve it with the exposure slider, but then the blue became a strange magenta... Other controls don't help too. I think it is a problem of a too small working colour space inside Aperture and the way of rendering the extreme colors to get them inside this working space. Or it is a hopefully solvable bug. If you like I can send you the NEF and the JPEG to see it by yourself.








    Has anybody else this problem? And perhaps knows a solution?

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    If you like I can send you the NEF and the JPEG to see it by yourself.


    It might be better to upload the files to a server and post the link. Then other frequent posters here can try it also. If we are lucky, someone who has the same camera will chime in.


    I remember that I have seen these magenta casts in difficult lighting conditions in another thread shortly before Christmas, but I cannot find it again.


    The images you are posting - are these images exported from Aperture or screenshots? Are all examples using the same color profile?

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    If anybody wants to check my problem: Please download the JPEG out of the Nikon D4 and the NEF here:



    <This Link is a direct download>


    I would appreciate any comment or idea why my Aperture 3.4.3 can't deliver a result that is in quality in any way comparable to the camera JPEG.


    This is a huge problem because those strong blue colours from LED floodlights are pretty common at events.


    By the way, my Nikon D800E NEFs show the same problem in Aperture.


    Thank you all here




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    Here is a link to another thread comparing images taken in poor lighting conditions:

    Re: Does Aperture Pre Edit Your Images?

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    Oh yes, this seems to be the same problem. I am not alone, and Canon is in this boat too, not only Nikon. Thank you. I replied there with detailed comments. And I did a short screencast showing the effect. First I switch twice between RAW and out of the camera JPEG and then I try some adjustments to get rid of the false blue tone:




    Any comments?

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    I experimented a bit with your raw+jpeg pair.

    The blue in the raw is really far too intense.

    So far it seems to me that the most promising adjustment would be to reduce the the boost settings in the raw fine tuning. By default my boost settings are set to maximum. If I reduce Boost and Hue Boost to zero, at least the details in the blue shadows come back again. The blue is still too intense, but the details are preserved.

    The image to the left shows the result of reduced Boost parameters.


    The next step would be to increase the red+green intensities to lighten the dark areas and to reduce the blue saturation.

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    Hi Léonie


    thanks for this very helpfull hint. Reducing Boost and Hue Boost in RAW Fine Tuning definitly helps. Because after that I am able to correct the resulting dark blue in Photoshop by altering the Hue / Saturation of the Blue and some other adjustments. Here is my result:

    Bildschirmfoto 2013-01-13 um 09.44.30 Kopie 2.jpg


    It is acceptable and better than the JPEG out of the camera. But this is a really annoying workflow and I have to do this Photoshop roundtrip with tweaks for every single image. And it doesn't solve the problem itself. As mentioned here Apple is hopefully informed of that bug. As my knowledge Nikon D4, D800 and Canon 5D Mark II is affected.



    Best regards and thank you for your great help.



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    You are welcome, Wolfram,

    yes, that looks pretty good now.


    Here is another strange-blue-color thread - Ernie Stamper sent me the link: Re: Raw Color Treatment


    I hope we can solve this puzzle one day!


    Ich wünsche einen schönen Sonntag.



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    Yes thank you!


    Sundays are too often Aperturedays...


    I did this:


    Re: Raw Color Treatment


    and I hope, that Apple wants to get rid of our complaints really soon. The best would be a blue, blue friendly Aperture X or 4....


    Herzliche Grüße von Stuttgart nach Hamburg



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