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I've been trying for the past few days to sign in to the Mac App Store. I get as far as entering my Apple ID, password and hit Enter but the activity clock just keeps spinning and spinning. I have a second Apple ID and tried that - it works no problem. The first ID I'm having the trouble with works fine elsewhere, on iTunes and here on the discussion communities. I've looked through a lot of the suggestions, have logged out, changed the password, deleted more plists than I care to remember, still no joy. Any geniuses out there able to help me on this really odd one? I'm running 10.8.5 on a MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)
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    Jerome Colas Level 2 Level 2 (215 points)

    I have the same issue with one of my Apple IDs.

    I use 2, an Alerican one and a French one.

    Everything works fine wirth the newer French one.


    But I have had issues with the American one for several weeks.

    One is that I get an error message signinf into iTunes that the iTunes store is unavilable. Deleting cookies and certain files is a temporrary fix.


    And for the last few days (I was already using Mavericks) I have the same issur as you signing to the Mac App Store with my American Apple ID. (load for ages).


    I have spent several hours with iTunes and Applecare teams over the last month and a half. They provided a temporary fix for iTunes but nomore.

    The issues are the same on 3 different Macs, as well as Windows 7 inside VMWare (except of course that there is no Mac App Store on Windows)



    Anyway, I have a temporary fix for accessing the Mac App Store :

    - Create a new user in System Preferences/Users and Groups. A standard user is sufficient.

    - Login to your Mac as that new user.

    - Sign on to the Mac App Store.

    - Buy / update your apps.

    - Log out and delete the "new" user in System Preferences/Users and Groups


    I could see that if I sign on iTunes with my French Apple ID (as the new Mac user), I then have the same problems when trying to sign on with the American ID.


    Hope this helps,


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    Just a "me too" here - since I upgraded to Mavericks, I can not get into the App Store at all, just spins after I enter my credentials...


    Same Apple ID works fine (so far anyway!) in iTunes, and here, and in my Apple Developer accounts and etc...


    Quite anoying, as there are a bunch of updates I want and some stuff I need to install form the store...

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    Thanks everyone. It eventually started working again. How? Not sure, deleted the plists suggested in a number of other posts, changed my password, restarted 5 or 6 times along the way then it just started working.

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    Hmm, still not working for me: At least, not from my regular user login - I tried Jerome's suggestions of creating a new user, and that worked fine...


    So, what I have is:


    - Everything worked fine prior to the Mavericks upgrade (indeed I used the Ap Store to do the upgrade!)


    - After the upgrade, iTunes and etc., that use the same Apple ID, all seem to still work.


    - But I can not log into the App Store... From any of the pre-exisitng accounts on this machine.


    - A freshly created account, however, can log in to the App Store.


    I tried the various suggestions for deleting plists and etc., but so far they have not worked for me. I also tried various varioations on safe mode too, to no avail.


    The only thing that seems to have worked (so far anyway) is to create a fresh account for access to the App Store.


    This is not great, but it is working for now, until a better fix comes along!

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    Same problem here -- Since upgrading to Mavericks, only the Mac App Store account that installed Mavericks will login.  All other Apple IDs just give the spinning sticks icon.

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    Well, inspired by this post, I just tested it again - having only tried to access from the "known good" account.


    And... it now appears to be working again, on my "regualr" account.


    So, broken for days, nothing I did made any difference.

    Ignore it for a few days. Fixed!


    Time, it seems, is a great healer.


    Wish I knew what actually changed though!

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    I did All every body told, but nothing could be usful! It seems that from Mac to Mac even with the same OX  S it's different.

    Anyway What helped me at last was this:




    Follow the step of changing ID insteas of changing password or creat a new one.

    That helped me and now it's working.


    Good chance