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I'm readying my MacBook air for sale and am attemping to do a fresh install of OS X Mavericks using the reovery tool/partition.  I've also attempting this via the USB boot tool.


From the initial load of the Recovery Tool the mouse/trackpad and keyboard do not seem to be acting as usual.  The clicks from the trackpad (physical and tapping) are not registered, and the only way to select things are to use the arrow or tab key and then selecting the highlighted value by hitting the 'space' key.


Once it comes to the screen that requests which drive to load Mavericks on it doesn't allow me to select anything (or even hit the back button on the screen) - I can only use the left and right arrows to highlight the preferred destination drive - not select the drive and continue with the install.


Any ideas?

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9)